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How To Straighten Your Beard + Curly Beard Hair With Beard Products


If you’re wondering how to straighten your beard, you’re not alone. For some men, a long curly beard is something to be proud of; for others, straightening their beard hair is a must. The fact is that there are many ways to make your beard straight, but it all starts with good grooming and beard products.

So, if you are looking for the best of the beard straightener or would like to learn the beard care with a quality of shampoo, conditioner, oil, and comb, we will teach you how to straighten your curly hair beard and leave it to the pleasant and sweet.

How to Straighten Your Beard

There are different ways to straighten a curly beard. Some guys prefer the natural method, which requires the use of a shaving comb, oil and wax for control, and a blow dryer for a little heat. The other guys rely on more warmth by applying a small hair straightener to the facial hair and then conditioning their beard with a balm to keep them from watching.

Straighten a Naturally Curly Beard

The first of these two beard straightening methods involves little heat but more effort. By not using much heat, guys can protect their hair on the face and avoid damaging their beards. However, the disadvantage is that you could still have curls and it will take some time to train your hair to stay straight.

Although a lot of time, the natural method for straightening your beard is extremely simple:

  1. Wash your beard with a top-rated shampoo and conditioner to soften the large strands of facial hair. If you prefer a bar of soap, use a specially formulated type of beard soap that is free of chemicals.
  2. Partially dry your beard with a towel, but do not rub vigorously or pull on the hair. Be sure to pat dry to avoid getting tangled, especially in long beards.
  3. Brush or comb your hair, race the hair down and inward, to tips to imitate the curvature of your face. This is where your favorite beard comb can come in handy.
  4. Slowly, we start working on a bit of moisture and control oil beard.
  5. Now dry your hair on a little heat, while combing.
  6. As a finishing touch, apply a little wax or lemon balm to keep your hair soft and conditioned throughout the day.
  7. Using the beard balm with wax or in the end can really prevent your hair from curling as they dry.

Rectifier Beard

The other method uses a beard straightened small or straightened hair, the same way that we would have the hair on the head. This tool will eventually get better results and more hair and is meant for the most unruly, hard to tame the beard. However, we do not recommend using it often as high heat can lead to damage to dry, brittle beards.

Also, remember that your beard must be long and thick for it to work, – the application of this type of heat, a little hair on the face is sure to cause bad engraving.

Straighten The Hair Of The Beard

Using a hair straightener, follow these steps:

  1. Wash your beard with conditioner to moisturize and soften.
  2. Pat down your beard, leaving it partially wet.
  3. Dry and style your hair straight until completely dry.
  4. Set your beard or small hair straightener for the lowest heat setting.
  5. Open the straightener and get it as close to your chin and skin as possible before closing the forceps.
  6. Close the straightener on your beard hair. Execute closing the claws on the roots of your hair at the ends (away from you). Make sure you never stop and keep the heat in a particular area for as long as you risk damaging it or killing hair.
  7. Then apply beard balm or wax to rejuvenate your face, hair.

The key to this method is not to spend too much time on a particular section of your beard. That’s exactly the reason why many seasoned beards experts use the natural method: to avoid the long-term damage associated with scalding the hairs on your face.

Air Conditioning Your Beard To Keep It Right

We can not emphasize enough conditioning of your beard with oil, wax balm or after heat treatment is extremely crucial. The application of these essential beard care products becomes even more important if you plan to straighten your beard on a regular basis.

While containing all the ingredients and benefits of the oil beard, the beard of the balms also has butter and beeswax. Beeswax is an essential element that provides an average brightness to hold that will keep your beard looking all day long.

Last word

If you are trying to keep your face, your hair completely to the right or just to set a curly beard too much, it is good to know that the straightening beard is not at all difficult. While the intense combing of the natural method can be tedious, at least you can be sure that your beard will come out as healthy as ever. As with the method of heat cooking, all you need is a little extra care with your beard straightener and you can unwind the thickest part of hair in a short time.

20 Super Autumn Hair Colors For Different Lengths And Hair Types


Autumn is here, and we look forward to making some nice changes to our eyes. The best thing to start would be choosing from these beautiful fall hair colors to upgrade our hairstyles for a complete wow effect.

You will surely find here sophisticated reds, rich velvety browns, complex blondes, as well as gorgeous shadows and highlights ideas.


20. Mahogany with lower Tangerine

This beautiful color works wonderfully for medium and long hair, especially if you like warm hair colors and are not afraid to look stunning and attract attention. Choose your most flattering reddish-brown shade for the base, and get the shadow bits in shades of best fall hair colors. Auburn, light copper, gold, mandarin or strawberry blonde


How to Remove Hair Accessories Like a Big One


If you are someone who likes to play with her hair and sports different hairstyles all the time, I’m sure you have a ton of hair accessories in your vanity waiting to be used. Now, hair accessories can be a double-edged sword for many. It will either make you chic and sophisticated or it will make you look childish and youthful (and not in the right direction).

Here are some tips on how to remove hair accessories 

steer clear of CHEAP PLASTIC – You know, these cheaply little mummy hair clips used to get you back to kindergarten? These simply have no place in your grown vanity. Beware of cheap plastic hair accessories. Not only will they ruin your look, they are a big waste of money as well. I mean, of course, they are very inexpensive and all but they never last

Bardot Brigitte Hair With Delicate Pearl Halo

GIVE VINTAGE A CHANCE – vintage hair accessories have that rustic, elegant look for them so why not give them a chance? You do not have to go all out on the vintage look with your outfit. Vintage hair accessories are actually quite versatile and would make a charming addition to any look.

Take the DIY Road – Got an idea hair accessory that you think is looking really good with the outfit you have in mind, but can not quite find the perfect one? Instead of just the second best, why not DIY the accessory you have in mind? A trip to the craft store and a little creativity is all you need to do the job.

Delicate Pearl Halo Vintage Hair Accessories

Wreaths of flowers will always be in STYLE – if there is a hair accessory that you should not be afraid to stock up on, it is wreaths of flowers. Flower wreaths are universally flattering. They are always in the style which means you can wear them anytime, anywhere with anything. Fresh flowers are best for working with, but if you opt for plastic, at least take the time to choose fake flowers that look realistic.

25 Stylish Bob Hairstyles With Bangs -Style & Color In Perfect Harmony!


Bob hairstyles with bangs cover a wide range of hair lengths and fashion styles, so if you’re feeling bored with your hair, these brightly colored bobs will soon brighten you up!

Trendy Bob Hairstyles with Bangs

Choppy and Shaggy bobs are two of the most contemporary bobs right now and they are both easy style haircuts, too. Think of adding some styling wax to the ends to emphasize the fashion texture.

The bob hairstyles waved with bangs look great with an uneven, almost ragged, fringe for an edgy look. Or you can team up a choppy, Bob diapers with long, blunt cut bangs at an angle, to balance the symmetry of a round or chubby face shape.

To accentuate the movement and texture of a chop cut always add some highlights to create even more 3-D color dimension!

1. Clearance with Bob Hair Styles

Bobs And Ruffled Permanent

If your hair is straight and well, try a light perm to add a little volume and curl to your hair and get a layered bob that just needs to be “ruffled” for a sober and curly look. If you have a round face, you can set the style of the bangs again in a wave or mini-pompadour to add length.

And if you have a long face, break the line with a long inclined fringe and deviated private start ends on each side of your chin to add width!

The 20 False Falcon or Fake Mohawk for Fresh Fashion hairstyles 2018 2019


Ready to be bold? Daring? Note? Then we will do it! Here are 20 new takes on the hairstyles known as a false falcon or fake Mohawk.

Attention: these hairstyles are for those who want to be seen – those who want to be complimented, looked and thought of time and time again!

Ready? Set?

Come on, fake Mohawk girl!

False Hawks for Long, Medium, and Short Hair

You can get very creative with false hawk updos, using ponies, rolls, braids, twists, and curls. Styling Pompadour bangs, a bouffant or spikes, incorporating braids, clearances or shaved designs, you personalize your faux hawk, come up with a sort-of-a-hairstyle that compliments your overall look and expresses your personality.

Two Trick Ponytail False Falcon

If you are looking for an elegant and professional look, this is an easy and fun style for long hair, consisting of two or more overlapping ponytails. The ponytail below gives you volume, while the high pony’s course comes to soften more, creating a regular curve and stabilizing the height.

Ponytail Bass False Hawk Hairstyle

French Braid Pinup False Falcon

This fake French hawk braid base is a classic pinup style gone wild! Dark purple tones fade to a lighter purple in the lush strands, stacked in disordered loops. Tightly twisted and pushed forward to the forehead, this fake female falcon is sure to impress!

Voluminous Lavender Fake Hawk Updo

Dirty Fishtail False Falcon

This fake mermaid style features falcon chunky pieces, a braided ponytail aside, and a bold tone of copper screaming Irish princess. Wear them with a skirt and lose top circulates over to re-create a smoldering, enticing look. This style works great for long hair.

Twisted Fake Hawk Updo With Braided Fish Tail

Punk Rock Princess False Falcon

This teased up fake hawk with a fringe, defined by two braided lines, will bring out the rebel that is in you! Pink harmonics scream for you with a guitar in your hands, wearing a mini-skirt and matching lips, playing and singing for adoring fans! Daydream away!

False Hawk Fake Brown And Pink

Dirty braided False falcon

This blond brown ponytail is a must-have item for making the mermaid’s fake mohawk. The hair is set to enhance the texture of the hawk braid and there are tiny braids and twists in the pony. What a cool girl’s faux falcon look for an adventurous girl!

Braided Fake Mohawk

Hot cousin False Hawk Billy Idol

This look is a little more courageous and bold. With, narrowly cut this large, fake Mohawk lends itself to the chic 80 rocker that the world remembers. Most of the hair is up and down the center of the back, creating a strong ridge line that gives a fabulous height. This is truly an unforgettable catchy style!

False Falcon Bulky For Short Hair

Black braided False falcon

Often times, African American hair has a fantastic texture for sculpture. This fake braided fake has an elegant and unique style, with frosted blue highlights. The skin has a smooth surface, even line all around the crown, giving the braid visual enhancement in contrast to the curves. Wear it with your favorite dress!

Black Women Fake Hawk

Amber Waves False Falcon

No need to shave the sides, if you are not ready for this daring step. Cornrows will do the work. Three side braids catch the eye on fake falcon waves flowing down the back. Amber highlights enhance the visual lines of the waves and provide a magnificent three-dimensional effect, enhanced by dark roots. This fake girl is definitely ready for adventure!

Waves False Falcon

Retro Pop Can Updo False Falcon

Woman’s hair options are endless. And so are the ways to create looks. This one reminds us of the old thing of putting your hair with cans to get big waves. With a sweeping pastel lavender color, this elegant look bun while pushing the boundaries of traditional hair. The big curls on the top even have a wave movement to them!

Awesome Fake Falcon Updo

Tattoo You Tonight False Falcon

This short, fake Mohawk is incredible – fierce and feminine at the same time! Engraved roses on the side give a soft, tender feel to the base, while the harsh angle of the hawk rises to the point of commanding attention. These days, the freedom of creation is welcome, if you have always wanted to be artistic with your hair, there is nothing to stop you! Go for it!

Fakehawk Women With Shaved Side Tattoo Design

Lobster Tail False Falcon

Fishtail braids are just a little more interesting than three traditional braids of strands. This look involves a thick mat to create the False Falcon, while the sides are wisely pulled back, culminating in what looks a bit like a lobster tail. The blonde hair has a bright atmosphere, brighten up the concept of fake women’s hawk. Wear all year.

Fishtail And Low Pony Fake hawk

… And I Will Always Love You, False Falcon

Not all false hawks are created equal. This curly style calls the elegance of an iconic singer, and everyone will love this look. The color of black hair with a touch of gold gives a royal definition to a bunch of glorious curls. The sides pulled back nicely finish the look with a contrast.

Fake Curly Hawk

The Neelix False Falcon

For the die-hard Trekkie, this is a tribute to a lesser-known character from one of the shows named Neelix. It was from another planet, and as we get closer to a possible answer to whether we are alone or not, this fake windswept Mohawk with braided sides will take you right down into the future!

Funky Blond Mohawk With Braids On The Sides

Wedding Day Bliss False Falcon

The curly, false fake loop for women that you see in this picture is exquisite and detailed enough for your big day. A series of twists and folds, with a bouffant in the front, is accented with delicate flowers in the fancy crown. They have returned inside the fake falcon, drawing the eye high, high, and far!

Fake Hawk Bridal Hairstyle

Spartan Warrior False Falcon

Traditional Spartan warrior helmets had horsehair plumes in a Mohawk shape up to the nape of the neck. If you have long hair, these braided mats are a fascinating way to recreate the design of a Spartan helmet. Try with a dress or your favorite jeans!

Falsehawk Braid Four-Strand

Pink Pixie Princess False Falcon

As much moves as bold go, shaved sides + goblin cut + fake falcon = a pretty radical look! Messy headboard styles will never grow old, and this one-of-a-kind look has all the excitement of a young Pixie in love. Wear them with anything because this hair makes a statement of its own!

Pink Punk Mohawk Under shaves

False Falcon

Finding a unique bun, one that you can wear with an evening dress, is a tough challenge for fake falcon women. This combination surface braid and pompadour are as unique as you! Blonde layer tones in the depth, while the gel floats up. The low, tight bun closes on the lines at the nape of the neck.

Elegant Mohawk Bun With A Braid And Bread

Asymmetric Pixie False Falcon

This cut-off point center has a story of its own. Short, brown hair with bangs says, “I have a unique story, and I’m proud to show my style!” A super cute look for any age, this style can sometimes mean stepping out of your comfort zone!

Sassy Pixie Haircut

Athenian Goddess False Falcon Updo

When you want volume, elegance, class, and loops, give a try to this messy, chic bun. The loose French braid restricts the pile of blonde curls arranged in a fake falcon that defies its own roots. Wear it with something fluid, and you will shoot every eye, every time.

Messy Fake faux Hawk Updo

Sweet Pie Peaked False Falcon

Many cuts of a leprechaun are similar, but this one is the only one! Not just any girl’s fake falcon is the blue powder with a line of crests drawing the eyes in several directions at once. This fake falcon also pushes the boundaries of style, just perfectly. With hair like that, you will not have to worry about your matching outfit. It is the perfect accessory, even at the simplest look!

Blue Faux Hawk Elf Pastel

Now that you are a fake falcon expert girl, we know you’ll want to get busy trying these looks faster than you can bookmark this article. The fake falcon you once described has undoubtedly been improved, improved and expanded, giving you a new inspiration to create your own one-of-a-kind styles today!

2018 Short Haircuts For Young Girls In The Busy Morning


2018 Short haircuts for young women gives you more chic and cute hairstyles options to perform all the occasions you want to visit. You will love these hairstyles above.

Young women with short hairstyles seem simple, fresh and very attractive. These short haircuts for young ladies are also very easy to handle and it is perfect for you in the busy morning. You just need a few seconds to handle the hair, and you’re ready to go. In these short haircuts for girls, you will be chic and cute to see short hairstyles that perfect look on you. You are more awesome Even if you find the right hairstyle that suits your face shape and hair character.

15 Short Haircuts For Young Girls To Try

First of all, you will love short curly hair with thick and sexy natural finish. This is one of the short haircuts for young ladies who look sexy to you who have naturally curly hair. So for you who have thick and naturally curly hair, this hairstyle is the answer to perfectly control. This is also one of the short haircuts for young women who look great for everyday activities. Whether for work or for your home activities, this style is more and more fashionable and fashionable. You will find this love so much.

Second short hair hairstyle for young girls in 2018 is short bob hairstyle with flattering accents and in conjunction with the side swept bangs. This hairstyle is perfect for modern and trendy hair fashion. You can have this hairstyle updated for any occasion. This hairstyle looks really smart and cute for the style. It has an asymmetrical silhouette that looks very charming on the round face. Yup, as one of the most beautiful short haircuts for young ladies for round face, you are this guy like more than others.

The third style of short haircuts for young ladies is short bob hairstyle with the cute, simple and smooth cut. This hairstyle is the new trend of the latest fashion hair. It is short, simple, nice and really charming and so wonderful. It will make your fine and silky hair seem really fabulous. They are more comfortable with this section, as you attract more people’s attention around. This hairstyle can be perfect for any occasion. They are the accents and finishing touches of the experts in the love of style.

Fourth of short haircuts for young ladies is bob hairstyle with the right chin length and weak points. This hairstyle is simple, chic and cute. It is to keep the focus on style on your beautiful face. This style is charming and very fresh. Lowlights in this hairstyle will not only fulfill the functions of hair, but it is also perfecting the trim of the hair. Apart from this, is to keep the low hair lights to be beautiful when you walk or when the hair is moving. It can be a statement to add hair accent.

Fifth, in these collections of short haircuts for young ladies, you’re as chic goblin cut with lovely bangs on the side. This hair works great on fine hair. So for you who have fine hair, this hairstyle is the right answer for short and looks chic and soft. As one of the short haircuts for young ladies for thinning hair, you see this hair is really cute and charming with a fresh look. If you have a round face, this hairstyle is perfect for working. They are more attractive to this one.

Sixth of the short haircuts for young girls short hairstyle is simple and easy to cut. You know, sometimes you can create fabulous cut short hairstyle simple and easy. For young women, it is fresh, soft and chic. Just think of the shape of the face, hair type and the color of the hair and the skin color to this short hairstyle looks really wonderful. Your stylist can better know this one. Here are the top 15 short haircuts for young ladies.

So, what short haircuts for young ladies do you prefer?

Of course, all these short hairstyles above are wonderful and amazing. In addition, if you are. In the professional stylists who called the modern techniques of shape and white color, you will see your hair and your face will be fresh and look so stylish and trendy. There are other short hairstyles that work so perfectly there for young ladies

Short Haircuts For Young 140 Short Haircuts For Young Ladies Short Haircuts For Young 60 Short Haircuts For Young 110 Short Haircuts For Girls 70 Short Haircuts For Young Ladies 80 Short Haircuts For Young Ladies 90 Short Haircuts For Young Ladies 100 Short Haircuts For Young 10 Short Haircuts For Girls 20 Short Haircuts 30 Short Haircuts For Girls 40 Short Haircuts For Young 50 Short Haircuts For Girls

Video: How To Treat Kinky Hair + African Hair Types With Frizzy Hair


Kinky hair can be caused by a lot of things, including the good old-fashioned static of not feeding your hair enough. Here are some tips and tricks on how to deal with frizzy hair for those of you who are sick of sporting the Lion King Mane every day.

Having kinky hair is not a big deal if it happens every time in a while (after all, everyone gets a bad hair day), but if it’s something you’re fighting with constantly aka every day It might be time to look into your hair routine and see what is causing your frizzy hair up.

Let your hair dry AIR – I know some of you can not live without their dryers But did you know that he is one of the main culprits for your frizzy hair? The heat tends to make the hair cuticles swell which leads to frizz so avoid it at all times.

Beautiful Kinky Hair

Go simple on Hair Tools – Speaking of heat, another thing you really should minimize using heat emission are hair tools. They are also to blame for frizzy hair. If you have to use a curling iron or hair straightened, be sure to coat your hair with a generous amount of heat protection first and always use the weakest / coolest setting possible.

Mid-length hair

Do not wash your hair every day – Wash your hair daily This strips of natural oils that keep your hair soft and pleasant. Planning hair washes to be 2 to 3 days apart. If you are the type that needs to feel that fresh and clean feeling after washing your hair, consider using dry shampoo on days when you will not actually wash your hair.

USE THE RIGHT Comb / Brush – Using the right kind of comb or hairbrush on your hair at the right time make a world of difference if you suffer from frizzy hair. A boar bristle brush is best for dry hair while a wide tooth comb should be used when combing wet hair.

ALWAYS HAVE HAIR ON MAIN PRODUCTS – if you’re a busy girl on the road, remember to always have at least one or two styling products like gel, mousse or hairspray in your purse. These will help keep your hair looking smooth and elegant.

MAINTENANCE IS A MUST – Textured hair is the most difficult to maintain when it comes to frizz. Deep condition your hair at least once a week and use nourishing hair masks to make your hair healthier and frizzier.

26 New Red Hair Stunning Ideas For The Summer Hairstyles


The popularity of rich copper, red, red auburn and glorious ideas of hair color is constantly increasing! From spicy mandarin to bright purple and through all the wonderful red-coppery hair color ideas, this summer promises to be sizzling hot!

So, if you still secretly yearned for a redhead, now is the time to add some Pizazz to your hairstyle!

Medium straight haircut for thick hair

Medium Haircut Right for Thick Hair

Blondes – Red Hair Color Ideas

Starting with the amazing new blonde hues, look out for the delicate rose gold shade that debuted last year and is still a favorite for blondes. If you want a strong fashion shade that will take you through the summer months looking absolutely ‘on the trend’, choose strawberry blonde.

Latest Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair In Season 2018


Medium length hair – the most convenient and beautiful choice for any woman. Judge: You can do almost any style based on them, but there is not much hassle, as is the case with long hair.

Latest Hairstyles For Medium Length

At the same time, in contrast to the short, because they can build a number of pilings that month can go to different images and never happen again. In addition, it is the best medium length hair can hide the shortcomings and emphasize the dignity of the person.

Haircuts For Medium Length Hair

Haircuts For Medium Length Hair

This fashion season has prepared a huge number of options for haircuts and hair styling to medium length hair for us, which is very pleasing. However, some general trends can be traced, which must be present in your haircut.

Her Majesty Fashion generously allowed continuing doing haircut square. But they should not be distinguished geometric and clarity of lines, as in previous seasons, but some negligence, softness and layered mobile hair texture. This haircut this season supplement is partially or fully open forehead. If you desperately need to bang tonsured her bathroom locks.

Hairstyles And Haircuts For Medium Hair

Hairstyles And Haircuts For Medium Hair

At each haircut at medium length hair has to adapt techniques and correction features of your face. Depending on the type and form of bangs, the volume and length curls, haircut and styling will look different. To finally understand what the hairstyle to choose, we have identified 4 common face shapes: round, square, triangular and elongated. The shape of the face determined, it remains to choose the hairstyle.

Laying On Medium Length Hair

Laying On Medium Length Hair

Square face always is particularly expressive, but in general, it looks disproportionate. Oblique bangs you will decorate best. It is visually and narrows the forehead, face and slim as a whole. Moreover, if you have a big nose, radically extended bangs make it visually more elegant. Bangs should be in this case, the maximum stack horizontally from temple to temple.

Shoulder Length Hair

If the hair is long on the ears, you can curl them in frivolous curls or large curls spectacular, but keep in mind that the volume at the temples should be wider than the chin. Then your face visually acquires teardrop shape that will look much more harmonious. Symmetry is contraindicated in this type of person, but she is now in vogue. So do the side caps and long bangs to one side.

Laying On Shoulder Hair

Laying On Shoulder Hair

Triangle (broad forehead, large eyes, a pronounced chin is not enough). You need oblique bangs narrow forehead and chin on the volume level to accentuate it. This type of person suited unusually large curls. You will also fit oblique fringe and bulk packing. Your bangs should be below eye level, you need to style your hair ends from the person on top to add volume is unnecessary.

Most Stunning Braided Updo Hairstyles For Medium Hair


Medium hair braided Updo hairstyles that will make you stand out from the crowd and show that you have a very tasteful fashion sense, then, your hair. Braided Updo hairstyles spent most of this season.

Braided updo hairstyles for medium hair was both dramatic and elegant. In the next heat, many women with medium hair are impressive, if they choose to opt decorated flattering style. Decorate your fashion and braided Updo hairstyles something new.

Foxy Fishtail Braided Updo Hairstyle

Foxy Fishtail Braided Updo Hairstyle

Foxy Fishtail braid style is very easy to carry, just by following a few simple steps. Not only does it keep the hair, but it also keeps the face looking stylish, as well. Here’s how to do it. goes hairstyles are best, as well as oily hair people average. This hairstyle suits medium hair oval face women. Foxy fishtail braid hair goes very well end up with a product that adds shine to hair. Random Spit following does not look good. Moroccan oil works like a charm to keep hair shiny and smooth their appearance.

Bombshell Braid Hairstyle For Medium Hair

Bombshell Braid Hairstyle For Medium Hair

French braid hairstyles for medium hair, hair, hair well-groomed look like a decent idea that combines the best of a rough look. This average takes the form of a French braid hairstyle for medium hair and adds flavor. This medium and long thick hair texture hairstyles for medium hair requires more volume of hair how thick to make the braid. Slim design for women with facial features. In addition, you can use with a round face slightly change the look of a slightly bulky form.

Side Pony For Medium Hair

Side Pony For Medium Hair

With the advent of the new season, with new hairstyles to medium hairstyles and hair braided hairstyle with side braid horses, all of them fashionable. Combining the classic pony in the same tape provides a new color, and large, medium hair hairstyle. Allows the same room for you, please. This type of hairspray finishing is required to maintain a good place to stop and thick hair, make it look like from mining. Good Luck classic Bumble and Bumble through the brand will get the job done very nicely. This has the advantage of maintaining a natural looking hair in the long run, and it does not give a firm texture and feel weak or later.

Hippy Braid Updo For Medium Hair

Hippy Braid Updo For Medium Hair

fishtail braid hair braided hairstyles average bit carefree hippie look with a touch of chic hairstyle opportunity. Hippie braid hairstyle, combined with the functionality to keep the hair out of her face.

Stylish retro looks that are still fashionable and continues to wow audiences at any time the woman is on the rocks. Braid hippies fit women of all looks and long hair may be short lengths. In addition, it is suitable for almost all hair textures and colors. It really adds to the beauty and remarkable features to soften the jaw.

Double Braid For Medium Hair

Double Braid For Medium Hair

Unique double braid Updos for Long Hair, former French braid pigtails is a new touch. It adds a touch of intelligence and the latest fashion for some time to look at the old test, which is a classic Liverpool and keeps hair out of your face and makes you look good, the results at the same time.

Before the start of this hairstyle, use some hairspray to get the hair workable fashion. Moroccan light oil varnish works well for this purpose, giving the hair a natural shine and makes them manageable. It is not just hair grip allows you to work, but this is natural and fresh long-term maintenance.

Remember loosely braided hair, tight as you normally do. This little fluffy hair and braids will continue to grow. This hairstyle is derived from the traditional French braids because you do not want to sound too much. Keep it in a different way.

Latest Hair Updates...