12 Ideas Of Anti Heat Wave Hairstyles


The summer of our wave hairstyles can quickly become uncontrollable, for they often tend to carry us too hot, making small frizz or to stick to our skin. If you do not know how to discipline them in this time of great heat, so here inspirations 12 to adopt without delay. In this article remember we told you about hairstyles to take to the beach. Besides, the hairstyles that we present will bring a fresh style to your summer outfits.

Wave Hairstyles

Among Palmares favorite hairstyles in 2016 include the braid unbeatable with all its thousand and one variations: plated, spiky, crown, mini or maxi version! Besides being ultra-trend, it guaranteed us the dry neck. This is a hairstyle chameleon with a knack to adapt to all situations: whether you’re at the beach or a country ballad. The ponytail is also a good ally against the heatwave.

It has the advantage of clearing the face and be simple to perform. For example, during the day, you can opt for a wide version and night version with more tailored twists or braids. This year, the girls very low or high prefer with blurred lengths. We do not forget accessories like scarves colorful bandannas to hold the hair and bring pep touch to your outfit. In addition, it will prevent sweating in your neck. Very convenient for combing, although he also tied around a bun, as established in your mane.

For the less daring, you can decorate your hairstyles with a thin headband or off instead of a scarf. The eternal chignon is still and always a favorite fasteners women. The bun is more feasible on dirty or wet hair. As with the ponytail, wearing the bun disheveled does not require a lot of technique. It will save you in a case of setting bad hair day, it is still necessary to have an elastic at hand. For evenings or outings with friends, choose the most elegant ties as banana bun or chignon worked. With all these hairstyles inspirations, you will know how to tame your mane pretty it is long or short. And at least now you no longer fear heatwaves alerts.

Hair Turban Summer 2016

Bun Braid Summer

Summer Node Bun hairstyles

Short Edge Torsades

Bun Scarf Summer

Bun Hic Summer 2015

Braid Dutch Summer 2016

Flip Braid Summer Hairstyles

lace Headband Tail

Maxi Braid Summer


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