25 Stylish Bob Hairstyles With Bangs -Style & Color In Perfect Harmony!


Bob hairstyles with bangs cover a wide range of hair lengths and fashion styles, so if you’re feeling bored with your hair, these brightly colored bobs will soon brighten you up!

Trendy Bob Hairstyles with Bangs

Choppy and Shaggy bobs are two of the most contemporary bobs right now and they are both easy style haircuts, too. Think of adding some styling wax to the ends to emphasize the fashion texture.

The bob hairstyles waved with bangs look great with an uneven, almost ragged, fringe for an edgy look. Or you can team up a choppy, Bob diapers with long, blunt cut bangs at an angle, to balance the symmetry of a round or chubby face shape.

To accentuate the movement and texture of a chop cut always add some highlights to create even more 3-D color dimension!


26. Clearance with Bob Hair Styles

Bobs And Ruffled Permanent

If your hair is straight and well, try a light perm to add a little volume and curl to your hair and get a layered bob that just needs to be “ruffled” for a sober and curly look. If you have a round face, you can set the style of the bangs again in a wave or mini-pompadour to add length.

And if you have a long face, break the line with a long inclined fringe and deviated private start ends on each side of your chin to add width!



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