26 New Red Hair Stunning Ideas For The Summer Hairstyles


The popularity of rich copper, red, red auburn and glorious ideas of hair color is constantly increasing! From spicy mandarin to bright purple and through all the wonderful red-coppery hair color ideas, this summer promises to be sizzling hot!

So, if you still secretly yearned for a redhead, now is the time to add some Pizazz to your hairstyle!

Medium straight haircut for thick hair

Medium Haircut Right for Thick Hair

Blondes – Red Hair Color Ideas

Starting with the amazing new blonde hues, look out for the delicate rose gold shade that debuted last year and is still a favorite for blondes. If you want a strong fashion shade that will take you through the summer months looking absolutely ‘on the trend’, choose strawberry blonde.

She is still one of the hottest blonde red hair color ideas this year!

Brown Hair & Red Hair Color Ideas

Mousey No More!

The biggest new trend for brown mice, dirty-blond hair or dark blond hair is to warm it to orange, copper and red hair color ideas that project a much more confident and seductive personality!

The latest experts in the fashion of hair color say lightened hair lightened to a cold blonde shade is certainly to. You must not pretend to be a blonde anymore! Adding darker lowlights in one of the fabulous red hair color ideas on offer this year will give you a softer, more natural and contemporary look while

Medium Brown Hair – Red Hair Color Ideas

If your natural color is light brown to medium brown, you have the perfect background to add a mix of red hair color ideas. Added two highlights – a little lighter and a little darker -. Will add loads of depth and dimension to your hair

Stunning New Red Hair Ideas

Stunning New Red Hair Color Ideas

Dark Brown And Black – Red Hair Color Ideas

Brunettes look hell with some copper or red hair color ideas brighten your entire face. Dark brown hair does not tend to go gray more clearly than blond hair, so cover these stray grays with a vibrant metallic copper or an unborn highlighting highlight.

Go Glamorous

There is something very glamorous about all of this year’s subtle or bright red hair color ideas. And teamed up with a coral, tangerine or bright red lipstick you can discover a whole new facet of yourself!

For the latest designs to highlight and trends full of head colors, ginger light, polished copper spicy tomato, take a look at our amazing gallery of sexy, sassy, rich and chic red hair color ideas now!

Spirals, Long Hairstyle for Pink Hair

Curly, Long Hairstyle for Pink Hair

Right Bob Haircut

Straight Bob Haircut - Stunning New Red Hair Color Ideas

Ombre, Wavy Hairstyles for Medium Long Hair

Ombre, Wavy Hairstyles for Middle Long Hair

Amazing New Red Hair Color Ideas

Stunning new red Hair Ideas

Wavy Bob Haircut

Wavy Bob Haircut - Red Hair Idea

Idea Red Blonde Hair

Idea Red Blonde Hair

Beautiful Ombre Red Long Hair

Ombre Red Long Hairstyle

Medium, Long Hairstyle for Blunt Bangs: Rich Blood Red Ombre with Black Hair

Red Ombre Long Hairstyle for Blunt Bangs

Layered, long straight hairstyle

Long Layered Straight Hairstyle - Stunning New Red Hair Color Ideas

Layered, Smooth Broad Hair

Layered Hairstyle Medium

Cute Long Hairstyle Ideas For Women

Cute long hairstyle Ideas for women

Messy, Layered Short Hairstyle: Beautiful Fire Smoking Color

Messy, Layered Short Hairstyle - Beautiful Smoking Fire Color

Red Hair With Long Blond Hair

Red Hair With Long Blond Hair

Stunning New Red Hair Color Ideas for Long Hair

New Red Hair Color Ideas

Elegant Chestnut Hairstyle Ideas

Stylish width chestnut Hairstyle Ideas

Medium Hairstyles for Bangs

Average Hairstyles for Bangs

Wavy Hairstyle For Thick Hair

Wavy Hairstyle for Thick Hair

Ombre Hairstyle for Medium Straight Hair

Ombre Hairstyle for Medium Straight Hair

Stunning New Red Hair Color

Stunning New Red Hair Color

Amazing Shadow Hair: Medium Haircut for Bangs

Amazing Ombre Hairstyle - Medium Haircut for Fringe

Orange Ombre Hairstyle: Straight Long Hair

Orange Ombre Hairstyle - Straight Long Hair

Cute Ombre Hair

Cute Ombre Hair

Red Shadow

Red Shadow


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