How To Do African Braid Hairstyles Reverse


African braid hairstyles bonded mat, inverted French braid, braid dutch … The names are different, but they all refer to the same hairstyle: hair braided in relief on the head! Once this capillary lexical point cleared up, up to practice. Find out how an African braid in a few steps to integrate your hairstyles.

Few Steps African Braid Hairstyles For Beauty Look

How To Do African Braid Hairstyles Reverse

1. Prepare The Hair With A Pretty African Braid

For a hairstyle holds well, whether a fishtail braid hairstyles on the cob or an African braiding, hair should not be too clean. So wash your hair the day before that the hair does not slip during braiding. Alternatively, you can also directly on wet hair braiding.

Before styling, carefully brush your mane to disentangle. Finish by brushing it backward to prepare to achieve your “dutch braid”, Dutch braid, as it is called the Anglo-Saxons.

The barber tip: if you want a clean hair, coat lengths slightly shining a serum or a treatment to eliminate frizz. Obviously, the step is to avoid if you want a hairstyle fuzzy romantic style.

2. The Good Braiding Technique

The African braid or inverted French braid, as its name suggests, is a classic plated mat, but in reverse. It is necessary to put the strands of hair from underneath instead of above when braiding.

To draw the cartoon or the braids should follow, mark spaces by tracing rays. Once the location where you want the braid comes to sticking to the skull is defined, separate three strands at birth. Be careful that they are of the same thickness for a symmetric result.

Start braiding from the root by alternately bringing the right strand to the middle and then the strand on the left. Be careful to pass them underneath when crossing! The braid must be formed on the head in relief. As in, add bits of the strand braid as you go. Tighten more or less in the process for an effect more or less strict or blurry. Similarly, stop whenever you want the desired hairstyle. Keep your tresses with elastic.

Hairdressing tips: during braiding, coat your fingers with wax or other styling product to ensure proper effect without hair sticking out. Also, take the time to smooth the strands of your free hand after each addition to avoid tangling. And finalize with spray paint to fix your hair.

3. Customize Your African Mat

Once the technique of controlled African braid declines it in different hairstyles. Our three styles favorite the side swept or half hawk, the bun, and classic African braids.

Kristen Stewart and Heidi Klum particular adopt the half-hawk. They will integrate each in their own way in the African braid respectively rock and glamorous looks. We love the contrast between the effect plated on one side and the free mane another.

The association and African braids bun are also necessary. View from Kim Kardashian or Jessica Stam Dual, she gets romantic on the catwalk.

Any sculptural relief, the reverse French braid is also to adopt soberly. Fendi particular succumbs unveiling man’s modern amazons. In a more ethnic style, Marchesa multiplied by three but leaves the hair on the sides float freely. Finally, if the style of Alexander McQueen is too graphic, copy the look of Khloe Kardashian and her seven African braids.

Heidi Klum half hawk reverse African braid hairstyles
To adopt the reverse African braid, do as Heidi Klum, dare half-hawk.
How to do a reverse African braid
How to do a reverse African braid? Our advice to achieve it.
Inspiration: Marchesa fashion show.
How To Do African Braid Hairstyles Reverse
Jessica Stam takes a twin version of the inverted African braid for a chic, playful look.
Khloe Kardashian Reverse African braid braided hairstyles
Reverse African braid braided hairstyles belong to tend to like the look of Khloe Kardashian.
Kim Kardashian African braid in double and bun hairstyles
Under the African brand names, inverted French braid, plated mat or dutch braid (Dutch braid) in English lurks the same hairstyle that adopted by Kim Kardashian in double and bun.
Simone Rocha Reverse African braid bonded to the skull hairstyles
Reverse African braid is a relief braid bonded to the skull, but it can also be blurred as the parade Simone Rocha.
Simone Rocha African braid hairstyles reverse with accessorize
You can also accessorize your reverse African braid as with Simone Rocha.
Reverse African braid revisited by Alexander McQueen
Reverse African braid revisited by Alexander McQueen.
Reverse African braid hairstyles adopted on the catwalk as Fendi
The inverted mono African braid adopted on the catwalk as Fendi.
Kristen Stewart half hawk African braid hairstyles
The African braid inverted version half hawk: a capillary must sign Kristen Stewart.


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