Best Technique Gray Hair Coloring


You begin to turn gray hair coloring, and thinking about dyeing gray strands in the home? Thanks to several techniques of dyeing gray hair coloring, as well as basic guidelines for the selection of colors, you can not just paint the gray roots, but also to get a clean and uniform color over the entire length of hair.

Gray Hair Coloring

Gray Hair Coloration


Gray hair coloring  is a rod, devoid of natural pigment and filled with air bubbles. With age, the activity of the cells responsible for the production of pigment decreases. This leads to the appearance of white strands and increasing their number.

Gray hair coloring is not always visible, sometimes they can be difficult to see. Look at the level of the temples and at the nape area – these are the main places of gray locations. If you are not sure of the amount of gray hair, choose a paint with the highest gray painting. For efficient coloring gray strands fit only resistant cream-paint (at least 3 levels of resistance), tint paint with this task can not cope.

On average, hair grows at 0.9-1.6 cm per month, which is why gray hair coloring at the root zone appear fairly quickly. With the help of a simple gray staining technique described below, you will be able not only to fully paint the gray roots but also get a glare, intense and uniform color over the entire length of hair.

How To Dye Gray Hair Coloring

How to dye gray hair

1. First, open the package with paint. The main advantage of colors for home use – ease of use. Most manufacturers offer a wide palette of different colors that give the hair a natural shade as much as possible, and for lovers of extravagant styles allow you to take vivid fantasy shining nuances. In addition, the cream provides optimal gray coverage.

The package usually includes a tube of paint exhibiting milk, which later you will have to mix the paint, air conditioning, as well as instructions for use and gloves. Do not neglect to read the instructions. Before using coloring agents, you must be sure to see it as the same shades of colors of different manufacturers have different exposure time.

Mix activator with paint, stir well until then until all ingredients are transformed into a uniform creamy cream.

If you use professional tools, besides paint, you still have to purchase an additional oxidizing agent (usually takes 6-12%). The percentage depends on the hue and the number of gray hair. The larger lesion area of gray, the higher the percentage of oxidant.

It is very important for 30-48 hours prior to gray hair coloring to test (usually paint is applied to the bend of the elbow) on allergic reactions.

2. Apply the dye mixture onto dry unwashed hair, starting with the parietal area. It is important to use a sufficient amount of ink so that it was enough to cover all the hair unpainted areas. Lightly apply the ink composition to the region regrown gray roots. Leave for 22-35 minutes, the paint (depending on hair thickness and the number of gray hair coloring may require more time for action), then the remaining mixture was gently spread over the entire length. Only this technique will help to achieve the ideal result. Make sure that you are dealt a coloring composition to the entire root zone and it evenly throughout its length.

Do not forget before the application of paint to cover your clothes and towel, of course, wear protective gloves. In addition, strictly observe the time of staining to subsequently regrown roots did not differ in color from the rest of the hair mass.

Remember that gray hair need more time to absorb the artificial pigment. Therefore, when dyeing hair, primarily try to apply paint to the gray zone. In some cases, when the percentage exceeds 50% gray, staining may take 45-50 minutes.

Some colorists before gray hair coloring using 6% oxidant. This further enhances the absorption of the coloring pigment gray strands. Apply undiluted oxidant needed in the gray zone. Withstand 5-10 minutes oxidant washed with water, and then apply paint only.

3. After the second stage of the dyeing leave coloring formulation for 10 minutes to impact, while continuing to massage the hair roots. possible to achieve uniformity of color purity and coloration owing to such sequences.

4. When the timer expires wash off the ink composition. A word of advice, which can easily help to get rid of paint stains on the skin: carefully rub the contaminated area and then using an ordinary shampoo rinse with warm water contamination.

5. Apply conditioner “Protection of color”, which will not only take care of the painted hair but also give them incredible shine and fix the color. Leave the conditioner (in the absence you can use hair conditioner) for a couple of minutes, then rinse with water.

Re-gray hair color: blond shade

Re-gray hair color blond shade

Repeated hair coloring, gray affected, in different shades of light exposure time of only the coloring composition. staining method is absolutely identical to the previously reviewed.

  • Complete the first 2 points of the previous technique, but in this case, leave the paint applied to the root zone, at 45 minutes.
  • To make the brightness and color of revival spread remains of the composition through the hair and leave it for 5-8 minutes to act.
  • Rinse off the paint.
  • Apply the balm-care that will help remove paint residues and will facilitate combing hair and give them a glare.
  • It remains only to dry hair and see the amazing results of dyed hair.




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