Best Vitamins For Beautiful Skin And Hair


The human body requires a lot of best vitamins to maintain the beauty of hair and skin. By making the epidermis more elastic and smooth, they keep nice pink color, and the hair is filled with strength and health, eliminating the breakage and split ends.

Best Vitamins For Beautiful Skin And Hair

Best Vitamins For Beautiful Skin And Hair

In using the desired biological substances special complexes, or getting them through the foods you need to know the best vitamins for beautiful skin and hair.

Vitamin A

The derivative of vitamin A, the retinoids have actively fought against skin aging, while the basic form of the vitamin for keeping in perfect condition of hair and nails. Even using cosmetics containing retinoids, you should regularly eat foods with vitamin A, ie, peaches, spinach, carrots or fish oil.

Vitamin B3

This is one of the most nutrients for the hair and skin. Due to its exposure increased hydration, which means that the skin is smoothed and the hair becomes less brittle. In addition, niacin, that is vitamin B3, helps to get rid of under-eye circles. Its content is high in the green peas and spinach.

Vitamin B5

This organic compound prevents hair loss and premature graying. That is why this component must be present in shampoo or hair mask. Incidentally, it is contained in eggs, as well as in whole grains.

Vitamin B7

It is also called biotin. This vitamin is most often used for dry skin and dry or brittle hair. Deficiency of this substance in the body often leads to psoriasis, dermatitis, and other skin diseases. Its food source is rice, oats, lentils, and nutritional yeast.

Vitamin B9

This vitamin is more commonly called folic acid. Its presence in food and skin care products and hair is an effective moisturizing and strengthening. Man gets vitamin B9 of vegetables, fruit, herbs and grasses. By the way, doctors are advised to eat more folic acid to pregnant women.

Vitamin B12

This vitamin is considered to be the most useful and even necessary to hair and skin. It retains the color and health of the hair, gives them live and makes the skin more elastic and smooth. Furthermore, this organic compound promotes regeneration of the epidermal layers. It can be found in dairy products and chicken eggs.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, this vitamin has beneficial effects on the skin, including the epidermis and hair follicles of the head to protect them from various diseases and inflammation. And given the substance in the body is not stored, it is important to constantly replenish its reserves by eating citrus fruits, berries, and vegetables.

Vitamin D

This is one of the most important substances that support the health of the hair and skin and also protects the epidermis from acne and other skin problems. Healthy hair follicles also depend on this best vitamins. It is not produced by the body, but most often you can get it while under the rays of the sun.

Vitamin E

Can safely say that this is the best vitamins for hair and skin, as this key antioxidant vitamin most often used for protecting the hair or the skin from aging. He actively raises oxygen levels and retain moisture in the epidermal layers, making wrinkles and hair shine health.

Vitamin K

This substance contributes to the optimal rate of hair growth, promotes the disappearance of circles under the eyes and skin smoothing. Perhaps that is because it is often included in the composition of the funds for the care of the person. The product is the same tool can be found in the greenery, Brussels sprouts, and broccoli. The health of your skin and hair!


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