Best 16 Ideas Celebrities Haircuts For Square Faces With Style Lobs


Celebrities haircuts for square faces classic look. Including its long version is a capillary must. But what cut choose? What did hairstyle adopt? decrypts the iconic and inspired by the stars to help you find the perfect oblong.

Celebrities Haircuts For Square Faces On Red Carpet

Best 16 Ideas Celebrities Haircuts For Square Faces With Style Lobs

Good Advice To Pass Along Square

The long square hairstyle, also known as the lob name, short for “long bob” is the safe square. It suits all face shapes and especially the square faces and round. Indeed, it softens their features by covering them.

However, some precautions are still to take! Avoid square Association, bangs if you have the rounded face, for example. For the hair against blurred refine, further. Finally, if you have thick hair, the gradient dares to lighten your cut.

What Cut Choose Lob?

Longer than a conventional square, “long bob” touches the shoulders like the look of beauty Kristen Bell, and sometimes even less subtly caressing as illustrated Kim Kardashian. The woman Kanye West took the leap and displays a crumpled web platinum blond hot!

Is it the advantage? It can easily adapt to display all types of hair and all body types. As needed along square can be dipping, tapered like Naomi Watts and Léa Seydoux, damaged or frayed. Moreover, the square with bangs is a capillary must Reese Witherspoon and including Alexa Chung made their signature.

The Prettiest Hairstyles To Enhance Your Long square

Equally malleable regarding hairstyles, lob can be broken down into all tastes and styles, the stricter the more natural. Good inspiration? Stars on a red carpet.

Copy for a look severe and hot strand: Rihanna and her smooth fringed square but Olivia Palermo and her faux bob effect. The girl hides its length under her coat giving the illusion of a plunging sophisticated square. Not to mention the wet look of Marion Cotillard .

Copy for the modern look, romantic and playful blue square Clémence Poésy, delicate and chic at the same time, or the crumpled mane of Emma Stone. Her bohemian asset: a braid to dress her forehead! Color side dare tie and dye Jessica Alba. In addition, for the most daring, the colored version, dip dye, you will ensure a sharp look.

Alexa Chung adopt a capillary with bangs hairstyles
The long square is the square par excellence. Must adopt a capillary with bangs like Alexa Chung.
Claire Danes square for all face shapes hairstyles
All face shapes can afford the square as Claire Danes.
Clémence Poésy square wavy bob or wob hairstyles
The square also follows the trend of the wavy bob or web as illustrated Clémence Poésy.
cutting and succumb to Long square hairstyles like Kim Kardashian
Need a change of cutting and succumb to Long square like Kim Kardashian? Discover all our advice
Emma Stone trendy hairstyle long square with a braid to embellish hairstyles
Emma Stone takes her long square with a braid to embellish it. Two trend hairstyle!
Marion Cotillard sensual square with a wet look hairstyles
Marion Cotillard makes her sensual square with a wet look hair.
Léa Seydoux fit her like loops and retro glamor Along square hairstyles
Along square is the easiest square to style. All styles fit her like loops and retro glamor to the image of Léa Seydoux.
Kristen Bell long square strict hairstyles
Kristen Bell is sublime with its long square strict and hot.
Kerry Washington adopts wob or square blur hairstyle
Kerry Washington adopts web or square blur along a star pattern.
Jessica Alba long square tie and dye hairstyles
The long square is one of the easiest hairstyles to wear, she submits to all trends, hairstyles like coloring, like the tie and dye Jessica Alba.
Halle Berry perfect combination Fringe , Ripple style her long square hairstyles
Fringe , Ripple, it is the perfect combination found by Halle Berry to style her long square.
Naomi Watts great sound long square capping it backwards hairstyles
Naomi Watts great sound long square capping it backward: hot!
Nicole Kidman long square brush shoulders hairstyles
The square is called long when the hair begins to brush shoulders like Nicole Kidman.
Olivia Palermo long square dipping hairstyles
There is fake bob, and then there is the coating effect! Olivia Palermo is a follower of the square illusion. It girl poses with her often hidden in a jacket lengths leads us to believe that it has a long square dipping!
Reese Witherspoon adopt the long square wavy also called wob
The long square is not necessarily smooth. As Reese Witherspoon, adopt the square wave also called the web.
Rihanna squared strict fringe hairstyles with hot look
The squared strict fringe: a hairstyle and sexy character that Rihanna has died.

Do Not Hesitate, Find The Square For You!



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