How To Make Chignon Hairstyles With Onion Shape Bun


Chignon hairstyles if you have long hair you love and try your hand at the creation of special hairstyles and elegant at the same time, the bun with onion is for you. This type of hairstyle is perfectly suited to an elegant evening as it allows keeping the hair always in place without the risk.

Making a bun onion is not difficult and following a few tips each of you will be able to make yourself. To do this you’ll need a small object that each of you definitely has a sock.

Chignon Hairstyles With Onion Shape Bun

Chignon Hairstyles Tips With Socks


Make Sure You Have On Hand

  1. A Pair Of Socks Sponge
  2. Scissors
  3. 2 Elastic
  4. Hairpins

Let’s see how to make a stylish hairstyle with a bun onion. Get a pair of socks old or broken that no longer use and cut off the tip of the fingers, so as to obtain two rolls of cloth. Place a sock inside the other and started to roll them on themselves so as to obtain a sort of donut of cloth. Note that if you want to get a bun bigger you have to use more socks. Now take a wide tooth brush and carefully untangle your hair. Now with a toothed comb tight pull back the hair from root to fine forehead and gradually from all sides of the head, creating a very high tail; keep the hair together with a rubber band.

Chignon hairstyles with donut

Once you made this very common high ponytail, take the donut socks just created, Place yourself in the tail, as if it was a rubber donut and then do this: lower your head and you will see that the hair of the tail will come down on donut; distribute them for good, so as to cover all the hair and then blocked with another elastic, like a dome above apply.

Chignon hairstyles tips with socks

At this point, you have to make sure to include all the tips her hair sprouting out of the bun. So take them and roll them around the chignon just created, and secure them with hairpins. You can also have fun using lots of colored pins so that the bun will appear with a sort of crown colorful and bright.

To top it off and make it even chicer, you can apply a large bow at the base of hairdressing and worked (just seen in the case of high chignon) or make it lower and enrich it with a slim and stylish headband. Your hairstyle fashion, fast, chic and worthy of a stylist worked is completed.


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