Chignons Bun Hairstyle For Medium Length Hair


Chignons bun hairstyle mid-length hair to create all kinds of buns. It presents some very attractive options that will boost your inspiration with detailed manuals to easily achieve these hairstyles at home.

It is not necessary to have a long mane siren to create beautiful hairstyles identified the length hair buns are also entitled to trend! In fact, this length can even be advantageous. As there is less hair to tame the styling is much easier.

Chignons Bun Hairstyle With Detailed Step By Step Manual

How To Create The Bun Rooney Mara With Its Rounded Bit Across The Forehead

While the square is a long hairstyle trend, door preferably natural hair down, but who does not want a nice hairstyle raised from time to time? Such as Rooney Mara, who tied her shoulder-length hair in a high bun with a rounded hilltop cowlick for a very contemporary twist? To recreate this bug at home, simply follow our detailed step-by-step instructions.

Rooney Mara tie her shoulder-length hair in a bun
Rooney Mara ties his shoulder-length hair in a bun, with a wick which draws a nice rounded forehead.
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You Will Need A Tail Comb, High Gloss Spray Of Hair Gel, Elastic, Of Hairpins And Hairspray


  • Straighten your hair comb, and then apply a bit of high gloss spray.
  • With the handle of the comb, isolate a section triangle above the front, starting from the hairline.
  • Attach the rest of the hair up bun.
  • Place the wick front across the front to create a nice rounded. Bring the tip of the wick into the back of the head and secure the bun with pins.
  • Spray a generous cloud of hairspray to set the hair.

Our photo gallery shows you other beautiful buns on medium-length hair, with detailed step by step manual.

Gallery Chignons Bun Hairstyle Manual

Amber Heard Chignons Bun Hairstyle

Actress Amber Heard was first waved her shoulder-length hair before her chignon.

Amber Heard chignons Bun Hairstyle -1 Amber Heard chignons Bun Hairstyle


Apply dry shampoo to give more structure to the hair, and then wave it in the hair curling iron. Attach the waves with a good dose of spray. Tie the hair on the back of the head in a not too tight bun and secure with pins. Slightly backcomb the hair at the roots and spray again a little fixing spray.

Dianna Agron Chignons Bun Hairstyle

Simplicity, it pays! Dianna Agron was perfectly understood by raising her shoulder-length hair in the bun top.

Dianna Agron chignons Bun Hairstyle


refresh your hair and give more structure to the hair by applying dry shampoo. Tie all the hair in a high but not too tight. The key to relaxation, let fall a few strands around the face, but you can also flatten with barrettes for the tighter look. This hairstyle is more flattering with a long fringe.

Jaime King Chignons Bun Hairstyle

On medium-length hair, chignons sometimes need a little support, as here with the headband of Jaime King.

Jaime King chignons Bun Hairstyle


make a line in the middle to divide your hair into two parts. Each side braids a bit starting from the line towards the back of the head, and then join the two braids with the rest of the hair to form a bun. Secure the hair with a generous cloud of spray. Add the finishing headband.

Nicole Richie chignons Bun Hairstyle

The girl Nicole Richie wrapped her shoulder-length hair to create a banana bun, but her bangs falling leaves no frills on the front.

Nicole Richie chignons Bun Hairstyle


apply a little volumizing powder and backcomb the hair slightly. Bring the hair back as if to make a ponytail, and then wrap them around themselves towards the top of the head to form a bun banana. Secure with hairpins and brush the fringe with a hair dryer to get in shape. Finally, spray hairspray to extend the hold of the hairstyle.

Lily Collins chignons Bun Hairstyle

Lily Collins opted for a classic low chignon. Parted in the middle guarantees equal length on each side.

Lily Collins chignons Bun Hairstyle Lily Collins chignons Bun Hairstyle

Instructions: smooth your hair and make a line in the middle to gain maximum length. Tie the hair in a low ponytail at the nape, letting out a bit. Fold the ponytail inwards and secure the bun fan formed with hairpins. Wrap the wick around the previously isolated bun to hide the elastic.


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