6 Classic Summer Hairstyles For Long Hair


Classic summer hairstyles easy to make yourself, especially if they are healthy, shiny and always brushed carefully, can greatly enhance the female face. The beauty of a woman is always leaves accompanied by thick foliage and cured, soft and silky. During the warmer seasons, however, long hair can become a nuisance.

Classic Summer Hairstyles For Summer Holidays

During the summer holidays by the sea, then, it is very important to take care of long hair preventing them from entering into contact with the sea salt, the sand, and the wind, dehydrating and causing damage in so sometimes irreparable.

Here are some ideas to keep in order long hair during the warmer months, without sacrificing style: discover now these 6 beautiful summer hairstyles!

01. Classic Summer Hairstyles High Chignon Bun

classic Summer hairstyles high chignon bun

One of the hairstyles more classic and stylish for the long hair is, without doubt, the chignon. A first version, for a bun casual high on the head, will keep long hair always tidy, just collecting them in a very high tail by twisting in on itself, forming a tight bun. This special hairstyle is simple but stylish and may accompany a look by day.

02. Classic Summer Hairstyles Low Bun At The Nape

classic Summer hairstyles low bun at the nape

A second version of the classic chignon, more feminine and elegant, is perfect for a formal occasion or for a romantic evening on the beach. Long hair will be protected from seawater and sand but will be collected softly on her neck giving the look even more attractive.

03. Classic Summer Hairstyles With High Braid

classic Summer hairstyles with High Braid

Among the many perfect hairstyles for long hair in summer, there is the classic braid. This special braid high will be more modern and give a touch to the urban look! Achieve high braid for long hair is very simple: just tie her hair in a high ponytail on top of her head, and then twist the tail and tie the braid with elastic colored.

04. Classic Summer Hairstyles Side Tail  With The Knot

classic Summer hairstyles tail side with the knot

In order to keep long hair without sacrificing elegance, here is one of the hairstyles faster but female to accomplish. Just tie your hair into a low ponytail and side, and then loosen a bit ‘the elastic. That’s hairstyle is ready! The tail downside with the node will be decorated with a colored circle.

05. Classic Summer Hairstyles Braid On The Contrary

classic Summer hairstyles braid on the contrary

With a little ‘exercise, the braid, on the contrary, will be flawless and very original!

06. Classic Summer Hairstyles Side Braid With Headscarf

side braid with headscarf summer hairstyle for long hair

Finally, to achieve a beautiful summer hairstyle for long hair, you can use a nice scarf colored to tie around the head, just like a headband.


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