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Latest Hairstyles New trends in fashion stylist - their appearance is the result of creative experiments with well-known stylists Latest Hairstyles and haircuts. Of course, everything new is well forgotten old, and how nice sometimes associated with the history of the world of fashion, bringing her head in 2016, when the loved grandmothers or mothers hair.

Latest Hairstyles with Hairdresser in 2016

This year, fashion 70, so long hairstyles and style in 2016, more precisely reflect this era. At the peak of popularity: crazy tangled, a bohemian curls neat and tidy hairstyle Vidal Sassoon (it appeared in the 70's), and at the same time felt the echoes of the subculture of hippies in their tousled curls, grunge design and matted braids ... Which of these hairstyles for long hair are the most important in 2016. we should not deceive ourselves too much to the wound hair curlers fashion now is not that a structural fictional swirls - it is quite soft and attractive light hair, a lot more sensual and mysterious. Enchanting waves and soft curls is best created with brushes, brushing and hair dryers, as well as the use of forceps. See all naturally and easily with this need.

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