Emma Roberts or Demi Lovato Duel Hairstyle


Duel hairstyle between Emma Roberts and Demi Lovato decided to become blondes. With their lighter duel hairstyle, the two actresses attract all eyes, but who the blond is she the best ?

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Duel Hairstyle Star! Who The Blond Is She The Best?

Duel hairstyle Synonymous with lightness and carefree blond remains one of the favorite colors of women’s hair, they adopt the form of strands or full color. As the blond reflects light to the face, it tends to soften and flatter features. Be careful though the light color is not suitable for everyone. On some people, can tarnish and fading blond complexion.

Actresses Emma Roberts (niece of the famous Julia) and Demi Lovato both have dared this new look by swapping their brown hair for a dazzling blond mane.

Demi Lovato says goodbye to the dark side and her look of blonde rocker appearing at a charity event. A year earlier, she had a surprise with this hair color, but was quickly returned to its natural dark brown. How long does it remain faithful to blonde this time?

Emma Roberts, this passage blond is not a first either. We had already seen with lighter highlights and different shades of blond. This time, it boosts color with hair extensions to transform its mid-long hair haired siren.

Who’s new blond look is she the best? Vote for your favorite celebrity hairstyle!


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