Easy Chignon Hairstyles Do It Yourself With 10 Ideas


Easy chignon hairstyles bun is a classic chic easy to wear, but also to do. Hairdressing submits to all tastes, all styles … Strict, glamorous, fun, fuzzy, romantic, or dancer, all models are at your fingertips. No question of tutorials impossible to follow, www.lhairstyleswm.com gives you 10 ideas buns to yourself!

Easy Chignon Hairstyles Ideas Yourself For Romantic Look

Bring your hair back; hold them with one hand at the base as if you were going to do a ponytail and begin to twist the on themselves with the other hand; Once rolled to the end, attach to the database: your bun is ready! The simplest models like the one of Cara Delevingne ensure easy chic allure. But there are variants equally easy to reproduce itself.

The Bun Above: For Volume

On the same basis as a traditional bun, you can play on the volume of your bun, as does Rihanna for an elegant look a bit retro. To view a bun ball XXL, please help of practical accessories like a donut for example. Another option a look ingenuous as Kendall. The little sister of Kim Kardashian tie her hair lightly and leaves two wavy locks floating around her face. Thus framed, it seems wise but hides some sensuality.

The Low Bun: Guaranteed Glamorous Effect

The low bun is adopted in two very different styles. As Charlize Theron, you can opt for a romantic bun or as seen at Dolce & Gabbana fashion show on a strict bun. One is with curly hair and tied under the ear to a mischievous asymmetrical effect. The other requires a perfect smoothing.

The trick of the actress? A headband valuable to dress her hair that turns a bohemian hairstyle glamorous evening hairstyle. Detailed sewing at podium look: the covered ears ensuring vintage look, falsely austere.

The Ballerina Bun: The Ultra Chic Hairstyle

This is the quintessential fun! The creators love it to finalize their silhouettes. Easy to reproduce and ultra chic chignons signed Dior and Lanvin are real hair must. We love the combination wet look tendency of one and the valuable subtlety of the other. Indeed, Lanvin adds a gold bar under the bun. One trick that you can easily take ownership!

Rihanna simple bun hairstyles
Want a simple bun to yourself? Copy the elegant XXL hair, Rihanna.
Strict bun hairstyles
Strict bun always made an impression! A sure easy to do yourself with marked side stripe. Inspiration: Ports 1961 show.
Lanvin easy bun hairstyles
A bun is an easy hairstyle, but with character. Lanvin accessorize a gold bar for a “night” release
Kendall loose bun and naturally wavy chic hairstyles
If you have naturally wavy hair, you just need to make a loose bun and leave two free strands to display a chic hairstyle and mischievous as Kendall
Easy wispy bun with a headband braided hairstyles
The wispy bun is tamed easily with a headband braided egg as seen in Ermanno Scervino.
Easy chic chignon hairstyles
A chic chignon and easy to do? Direction Dior show!
Easy blur romantic chignon hairstyles
The blur is an easy romantic chignon hairstyle to do! Try it and as Dolce & Gabbana, accessorize it to a version easy chic evening.
Dolce & Gabbana easy bun hairstyles
The bun is an easy capillary must coax the image of the hairstyle signed Dolce & Gabbana.
Charlize Theron easy romantic headband bun hairstyles
The romantic bun of Charlize Theron headband, an easy hairstyle to reproduce!
Cara Delevingne easy super top bun hairstyles
Bring your hair back, keep your length of a hand as if you were going to do a ponytail and begin to twist them about themselves on the other. Attach and you will have the same bun that super top Cara Delevingne.

But the bun may also be wispier … Find images 10 easy buns models. And if you prefer a braided bun discover our tresses ideas to yourself.


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