12 Evening Hairstyles Ideas For Short Hair


Evening hairstyles ideas for short hair boyish perhaps, but above all hot, shortcuts are far from monotonous. Pixie cut, square, and pixie cuts are charismatic, bringing personality and courage to all the faces that adopt them. Long hair is not the only ones to wear glamorous evening hairstyles! Direction catwalks and red carpets to find the right inspiration.

Evening Hairstyles Ideas For Short Hair

12 Evening Hairstyles Ideas For Short Hair

A Misty Evening Hairstyle For Easy Chic Style

The square named womb particular captured the wavy pattern. The advantage of the natural wavy style of short hair? A mischievous and hot look. For a wild and air result, crumple and texturize your lengths as seen at the Top shop show. For a false result wise, opt for light curls like Lily Collins.

Favorite also for the signed Sonia Rykiel boyish cut. Tapered, it gives an impression of lightness that blends perfectly with the androgynous style. As the parade, adopt it with a fringe, to choose according to your face shape.

Finally, for a romantic evening hairstyle, bet on accessories. Who said that the headband was reserved for short hair? Jennifer Lawrence proves otherwise by dressing her short hair with a thin headband. The detail and chic retro, star and takes a mane delicate volumes.

Also in the Bohemian style, you can find fuzzy twists with your short hair. This is the trick Anne Hathaway for an elegant and poetic look while staying sharp. The actress maintains with invisible flat pliers. Effect guaranteed style!

Short Hair And Strict Style: The Right Combination

The stars on catwalks knight both trend essential hairdressing, wet look. And her seductive power keeps growing: a style to copy again for short hair.

Tops as Saskia de Brauw actresses like Kristen Stewart, all succumb. To copy the hairstyle for an evening look: that of Sienna Miller while in motion. The boldest can dare shaven version of Scarlett Johansson and modern crest. The star sweeps her hair backward in a perfectly rounded volume.

Hair in the square can also opt for a more traditional celebration hair like the hair look, Marion Cotillard. The French displays a perfectly structured mane, glossy, retro, looped just above the shoulders. Nothing is sticking, but the effect is more voluptuous than rigid.

The trick in addition: play the contrast between male and female by adopting a sensual makeup. Wearing such, a bright red lip with your androgynous hairstyle.

short boyish hair cut fancy a hot evening hairstyle
Fancy a hot evening hairstyle? Dare short boyish haircut!
Sienna Miler wet look hairstyle
The wet look seduced the stars. The hairstyle easy to master brings a sophisticated and modern effect to all those who dare. This is the right style to adopt for an evening of hair when you have short hair just like Sienna Miller.
Side parting boyish chic romantic hairstyles
Like the romantic hairstyles? Take a side parting; tousle your hair, secure with a light mist. A boyish chic you look!
Scarlett Johansson shaved both sides boyish cut hairstyle
Scarlett Johansson shaved both sides of the head! A boyish cut the star feminized by covering the rear. A good idea to copy for an evening look. Notice to bolder!
Saskia de Brauw wet look that showcases her boyish cut
Saskia de Brauw at the Balmain show features a wet look that showcases her boyish cut. A daring for a hot androgynous look. Our advice combines short hairstyle with a red lipstick to accentuate the feminine contrast/masculine.
punk hair plated dares hairstyle
Most punk hairs plated dares this very masculine look perfect for a rock ‘n’ roll party.
Anne Hathaway boyish cut short lengths hairstyle
Anne Hathaway is a fan of boyish cut but remains ultra feminine. For a chic look, the actress wears her short lengths in small twists maintained by flat pliers.
Blur square trend or wob is perfect to make a chic look effortless
Blur square trend or web is perfect to make a chic look effortless. Adopt Version crumpled like Top shop for a look a wild and sensual.
Jennifer Lawrence headband accessories short cut hairstyle
Who said that the accessories were reserved for long hair? As Jennifer Lawrence, adopt a headband end to dress your shortcut. This is the perfect detail for a festive hairstyle.
Kristen Stewart very short hairstyle
Kristen Stewart put on a very short hairstyle with good reason. And her face end is perfectly developed. Most of this beautiful setting? It’s very tailored look for a 100% effect glamor.
Lily Collins Fancy a falsely wise glamorous hairstyle
Fancy a falsely wise glamorous hairstyle for your square? Copy Lily Collins and corrugated web!
Marion Cotillard square chic short cut hairstyle
The square chic short cut. To adopt evening, copy the hair look, Marion Cotillard, a shiny mane ending with large well-defined curls for a retro look.

Discover in pictures 12 hairstyles ideas for short hair to pass for the evening.


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