10 Evening Hairstyles Ideas For Medium Length Hair


Evening hairstyles Invited to a party, you have found the perfect outfit, it only remains to define your beauty look … To finalize a festive look, go for a chic hairstyle, but with character! Do not panic, www.lhairstyleswm.com guide you. Discover the most beautiful hairstyles adopted for medium length hair.

Evening Hairstyles Ideas Define Your Beauty Look

evning hairstyle

Tame Your Mane For Hair Hot Evening

Two styles are against the silky curls like Adele Exarchopoulos and wet look seen on the catwalks. One is rather glamorous, the other more rock, but both have character. For an evening look, opt for one or the other and it’s a hot look assured. The cascade of curls swept over one shoulder and the other is by stripping carnal essence. Hair combed back in a natural movement, gives a mysterious side too sour!

Medium-Length HAIR: Bet On Bohemians Details

Capillary look to copy without hesitation: the ponytail neo signed Stella McCartney! Is it characteristic? Embossed wicks. The detail brings a romantic dimension to the hairdresser or even poetic. Full of light, it is not only chic, but it is also an easy evening hairstyle to yourself.

Braids are also a bohemian detail to include in your hair and on which to bet. They give it a festive look and easy chic. Weave for example two mats, one on each side of your face, behind the ears. Your hair will be well structured without being rigid!

Bun, Braid, Square ... Swivel Your Classic!

The basic are rather reserved in everyday life, but they just need a bit of originality to turn into evening hairstyle.

If the braid seems too trivial, do as seen on the catwalk: a braid with only two strands. The twist is unexpected strict, it appeals to everyone. The good trick to break his pace a bit too wise is to wear it on the side for a sensual asymmetrical effect. The bun can also run wild. As on the catwalk electrify your ballerina bun lengths by coating with a styling product wet look effect!

Easy to style medium length hair can be hot as well attachés released. Copy one of capillary must stars: the fake bob! Dries van Noten at home, wrap your hair in an inward movement of the shoulders. You will have all the benefits of a shortcut without sacrificing your lengths!

Another trend is the half-hawk. Once again, the scissor box is not necessary. No need to shave not one side of your skull to benefit from his aura grunge and hot. As Rita Ora, electroplate your hair with a braid. But instead of an inverted French braid, bet on a twist. It will add a touch of originality while enhancing the contrast with the wild hair volume.

10 Hairstyles Ideas

Adele copy for long and medium length hair Wide loops swept on one shoulder
Wide loops swept on one shoulder, it is hot hairstyle Adele copy for long and medium length hair. A must for a party!
ballerina bun wet look effect evening hairstyle
The ballerina bun is a safe bet for all occasions. To give it a festive look as Ports 1961, coat your bun with a styling product wet look effect. Allure pointed guaranteed!
daring for an evening of hair the fake bob
A daring for an evening of hair the fake bob seen the parade Dries van Noten.
evening hairstyle original braid twist to the side hairstyle
An original braid is a right idea for an evening hairstyle. As DKNY made into a two-branch only. The most? Porter twist to the side.
Evening hairstyle wet look trend
The wet look is a trend to date for an evening hairstyle.
length hair as long hair can dare all for an evening hairstyle Wet look braids
The long hair as long hair can dare all for an evening hairstyle. Wet look braids, is the right combination by Antonio Berardi.
Rita Ora hawk is a half grunge hair and hot look
The hawk is a half grunge hair and hot! As Rita Ora, take a plated twist instead of the braid for a festive version.
romantic bun braids evening hairstyle to give a festive look
The romantic bun braids weapon is to give a festive look. It’s the right idea after the Moschino show for an evening hairstyle.
simple evening hairstyle long square is wavy hairstyle
The long square is the wavy season. A simple hairstyle, but full of sensuality, perfect for an evening of hair like the look of Etro fashion show.
Stella McCartney wakes up the ponytail tip for an evening look!
Stella McCartney wakes up the ponytail by including some gauffrées wicks. A good tip for an evening look!

It only remains to make your choice according to your desires, but also the opportunity … Also, try our evening hairstyles easy to do yourself.


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