Fashion Braid Braiding Hairstyles For Women


Lesson weaving fashion braid is shown in the example of two sisters on hairstyles. 2 different style using the same streamer. She reminds me of weaving in the Renaissance style, but it’s just unevenly divided by a common three-section braid.

Fashion Braid Braiding Hairstyles

Trendy Braid Braiding Hairstyles

I do not know how you usually braids her hair when doing a normal plait, but instead of all 3 sections to make equal width, separate the middle of the thickest part and on the sides of two very thin strands.

Trendy Braid

Another option – two thin strands in the face and thick close to the parting as in the video tutorial below. If it is not convenient to weave and hair of hands, slightly moisten them with water.

Trendy Braid Hair

Girls always love to spit, so this will love your daughter. Parting makes zig-zag and divides the hair into two parts – two braids. Now, each divided into three sections, a thick middle and two on the sides tony selkie. The weave of them ordinary scythe, a thick lock of pull to split was unusual, with bends.

Trendy Braid Hairstyles

The tip of the braid ties a rubber band.

Trendy Braid

That version of the same braid, but with two thin strands in the face and thick near the parting.

These are fancy braids obtained at weaving.

Trendy Braid Braiding

Trendy Braid Braiding

And now, more elegant hairstyle with the same fashionable woven braid.

Trendy Braid Braiding

Rassheshite hair and create a large zig-zag parting. Separate the sides of the head are two strands of which unusual braid pigtails.

Pigtails and the rest of the hair tie in the tail. From tail to create a sloppy bun. How to make a bun, see the following video. In fact, all still quite simple.

Decorate beautiful hair accessory in the form of a flower.

She really likes this styling and especially pink daisy in her hair.

Trendy Braid Braiding

You can decorate with trendy braids woven with beautiful ribbons, flowers and bows.

Trendy Braid Braiding

Trendy Braid Braiding



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