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Female celebrity hairstyles surprise! Laetitia Casta cut her long hair to take a shortcut. She is not alone in having given in to the trend: Vanessa Paradis and Audrey Tautou did before her. Back on hair metamorphoses of five stars.

Female Celebrity Hairstyles Trend For Gorgeous look

The shortcut has never been the trend. One by one, the stars succumb to fashion. Alessandra Sublet and Audrey Tautou, Elsa Pataky … and most recently Vanessa Paradis and Laetitia Casta. Focus on those people who dared to shingle.

Vanessa Paradis and Laetitia, new faces

Vanessa Paradis has taken everyone by appearing in court Music Awards with a short haircut curly. The singer had also adopted a color closer to its natural color. Rather wise side hairstyles, the star revealed to Styles have cut the hair to the needs of a shoot: “This is John Turturro who offered me to cut my hair to turn the short film that realized for ‘Rio, I Love You’, a film sketches the way of “Paris, I love you ‘and’ New York, I Love You. It was not very serious ask, all she could be that I refuse. And I was starting lineup, extremely starting lineup, even”.

Laetitia Casta equally surprised with her new haircut. The sublime Corse unveiled a new androgynous look on the set of “Highly Dimanche”, far away from her glamorous appearances with a long serrated mane.

Alessandra Sublet pioneering

Alessandra Sublet part of these stars to whom the short is better than long hair. Its cut is regularly sought in hair salons. the host passes a pretty shingle. We must believe that it has given to other French stars courage to go in turn to short!

In 2016, Vanessa Paradis goes from long to short for the needs of a shoot.

Vanessa Paradis goes from long to short

At 36, Laetitia Casta said goodbye to her long hair.

Laetitia Casta said goodbye to her long hair

Alessandra was one of the first stars to follow the trend of short hair in recent years.

Alessandra short hair

Audrey Tautou got tired of her curly lengths. In 2016, she cut everything!

Audrey Tautou got tired of her curly lengths

After the birth of her daughter, Elsa Pataky decided to change the head. She opted for a rock cut and increased its blond.

Elsa Pataky cut her long hair to take a short cut hair


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