How To Get Wavy Hair Without Curlers And Without Iron


Get wavy hair without curlers who have not ever suffer the complaints of a friend, with beautiful curly and defined, but that would have the hair smooth as silk? Get wavy hair without curlers Alternatively, those of a friend with hair pianissimi but would like the curly thick and shiny? I think it happened a bit ‘at all; moreover, the grass is always greener.

Get Wavy Hair Without Curlers Would Have The Hair Smooth As Silk

Get Wavy Hair Without Curlers And Without Iron

However, do not despair! Next time, instead of listening to your girlfriends complain, convince tela look to make change for a night or for a special occasion! For example, you might turn the hair perfectly smooth one your friend in wavy hair without using neither curlers, neither iron nor permanent! Impossible? Absolutely no! Here are a nice idea and easy implementation to get a turn to move one day.

  • Make sure you have on hand:
  • Shampoo for the type of hair
  • Elastic

First, Get wavy hair without curlers obviously, you have to wash your hair; it is advisable to use a shampoo of good quality, suitable for their type of hair and that goes to moisturize the scalp to combat dryness preserving the gloss of the hair.

If you normally use, you can safely apply a balm, avoiding, however, the use of foam, spray smoothing, detangling oils (and ECC ECC), as they may weigh down the hair and affect the result. Later we must absolutely dry your hair with a hairdryer, but you should simply blot with a towel.

Get Wavy Hair Without Curlers And Without Iron

After that, you will need to brush your hair wet well to dissolve any knots, do the rules in the middle and secure with a rubber band (or a flannel) hair on one side of the head. You will have, to begin with, then, to take up the middle of hair left free by following this procedure: divide the hair into small sections, twist each strand until it forms a small bun and secure with a rubber band.

Keep in mind that the smaller will be the strands and more pronounced the effect would be curly. Obviously, the last step is to complete the combing repeating the same process with the other half of hair.

Get Wavy Hair Without Curlers And Without Iron

A little tip:

For best results you should dry your hair after you have finished combing; so the best thing would be to put them in the fold, following the procedure above, before going to sleep and the next morning, remove the rubber bands and loose bun running her fingers through her hair (of course there is not necessarily need you to sleep, It would be enough to keep the hair in the fold for at least 4-5 hours). In the end, just slightly shake the hair upside down and give a nice pass lacquer. ET voila! Cease order to undergo the complaints of your friends!


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