How To Make A Perfect Greek Braided Hairstyles


Greek braided hairstyles

You want to pick up the hair in a practical and fast yet elegant, this is just the hairstyle that suits you! Increasingly popular with our favorite stars, the braid Greek gives a fashionable touch to our outfits, it’s sport, to spend a day in the city, or elegant, for a special night.
You want to try your hand but just do not know where to start? Do not worry: this guide shows the simple steps to create perfect Greek braided hairstyles.
You can always create different hairstyles, giving free rein to your creativity.
It will be so easy and fun to not being able to do without!

Greek Braided Hairstyles Practical And Fast Yet Elegant

How To Make A Perfect Greek Braided Hairstyles


Make Sure You Have On Hand:
Water Or Hair Spray
Strands Of Hair
Clip Or Hair Band
Hairspray Or Gel Fixative

We comb her hair back with the help of a brush.
By helping with a comb, select a triangular section on the head, which, starting from the front, has the tip pointing down.
After slightly wet hair, begin to do the braid in the traditional way, by dividing three strands of hair and keeping them well separated in a hand.
Let the lock right into the middle and then the left hand on the two already intertwined.

Take a lock of hair from the right side of the braid, the join the initial lock on the same side and move above the central strand.
We repeat the process on the other side: take a lock of hair from the left side and join the initial lock on the same side by passing above the central lock.
That is it; we will move forward repeating this simple step until we reached the base of the neck.

1st Step for Perfect Greek Braided Hairstyles

1st step Perfect Greek Braided Hairstyles

2nd Step Perfect Greek Braided Hairstyles

2nd Step Perfect Greek Braided Hairstyles

3rd StepPerfect Greek Braided Hairstyles

3rd Step Perfect Greek Braided Hairstyles

We may terminate the braid to the desired length (height of the neck or until the end of the hair) stopping with elastic transparent or colored or with a hair clip.
A very particular variant may be to make the braid only on the right or left of the head, or starting from the fringe left to get than the other side (or vice versa).
To obtain a braid tight, we just tend to the maximum all the strands as they weave together.
To ensure the perfect fit all day, we can spray the braid with a bit ‘of spray fixative.
That is it, now you have learned this simple procedure you are ready to create new hairstyles ever. Free your imagination and fun to make you more beautiful!

Never forget:

To make things easier started realizing the braid Greek of another person. When you have acquired the right comfortable, you can make it for yourself!


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