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Longs for a Different Hair Color?

You do not need a radical change in order to achieve the perfect hair color. The trick is to find the right shade. Red and gold shades in the hair determine how you will stand a new hair color.

A new hair color or make sophisticated and a brand new look for you. Unfortunately, the new hair color by-catch could prove. It is no coincidence that many women insist on a particular color and tone. Too bad they do not use up a large range of colors. You do not need a radical change to be a completely new design. The beautiful women show us the way. You can see how subtly change their hair color to gold to medium.

Tips for perfect hair color selection

Tip 1: Before selecting a new hair color study her face without makeup, in natural light. The face, eyes and eyebrows color tell you what shades are best for you.

Tip 2: We recommend that you first use red or darker than the previous one wish to change the color of hair dye. You may find that you do not like the result. In this case, use immediately and repeatedly washes your hair. They bind the pigments and considerably soften the hair.

Tip 3: The new release is guaranteed to be beautiful if you close to your natural hair color and eyebrow to. The hair, face and eye color will blend in a harmonious picture.

Tip 4: If your complexion and light eyes and freckles on her face occur, do not paint your hair darker middle Barnáné. The dark brown hair will look like a helmet compared to the delicate complexion. Helmets and disgraced. The highlights emphasize the good hair. Choose lighter shades of red, such as copper-red.

Tip 5: All ashen perfect match for the slightly reddish facial cream and blue, gray, green eye colors. Even in dark brown, it can be wonderful, as long as there are no more red or gold hues (as far to the natural hair sheds). The highlights in the cooler colors of the color spectrum, it is advisable to paint.

Tip 6: Risky lighten your hair, if dark brown or green eyes and Creole skin, for the artificial look. Instead, the hot brunette hair color shades, choose a chestnut brown to mahogany cover-up. The petite blonde highlights can be such a pretty color against a darker background.

Tip 7: Allow yourself time to think before you jet black, platinum blond or red dye your hair. These hair colors to wear assume a lot of courage. After all the hair color attracts attention on weekdays and going to work well.

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