Hairstyles To Weave Elements Evening, Wedding, Every Day


Kos since ancient times was considered a sign of feminine hairstyles to weave beauty. The desire of women to play leading roles alongside men led to an era of women’s trouser suits and short haircuts. Fortunately, the fashion for long braids back. In place of strict packings come exquisite and extravagant, a bit humorous, but always interesting hairstyles to weave with braids.

Hairstyles To Weave Elements Evening

Hairstyles To Weave Elements Evening

Despite a certain lack of seriousness braids, hairstyles to weave are appropriate both for parties and discos, and in business meetings, and in the office. They give the image of originality. Stylists recommend such hairstyles for all occasions. Conventional braids stacked crown or assembled in an intricate tail, suitable for home dinner, and if you combine this hairstyle with bright accessories, you can plan, “the publication.” Ways to braid plait – a great multitude, like how they, put in her hair.

The easiest way to braid plait – a spin on the classic version of three parts. To hairstyles to weave looked with a claim to originality, not create parting in the middle, and a little on the side. Bangs are usually not in a braid woven and stacked separately. Secured with elastic braid normal (if the planned trip to the nearest store) or a bright bow (if you have the intention to visit the party).

If you want something particularly rebellious and summer-fresh is suitable hairstyle with a tail. For this purpose, the hair is divided into two parts, and each side French braid. Then, they are bound by means of ribbons tail. With each of the strands of hair are removed and the wound base tails. This gives hairstyles informality and ease. Bangs can be placed separately and can be killed invisible.

A variety of options can be a simple braid braided plait side. With these hairstyles to weave appropriate to use as a complement to the image of bandage fabric.

Hairstyles To weave elements a simple “French” braid photo

Hairstyles To weave elements a simple French braid photo

This method is good for outdoor activities and shopping. From the top drags regular braid, then gather your hair into a ponytail at the nape. One strand can be left for the distraction (or attract) attention. And you can braid the strands of this mini-pigtail and wrapped her tail base. The tail, by the way, can be an original way to slaughter, as shown in the following master – class.

The Original Bundle Of Braids

The Original Bundle Of Braids

Even the most conventional method of styling hair is transformed into a stylish haircut if you make it in braids. So, if you are tired of a trivial bundle, and in the office require rigor in style, you can combine the necessary with the pleasant. First, you need to tie a high ponytail, and then divide it into two strands.

Braid braids and gently put them around her head. And stylish, and officially. Well, if a party is planned after work, a couple of accessories in the form of artificial flowers or decorative pins will turn the office into a hairstyle original version.

Hairstyles To Weave Elements An Evening Option

Hairstyles To Weave Elements An Evening Option

Scythe confident occupy positions in evening options hairstyles. Ways to weave a lot, and it allows the stylist to turn fantasy. Changing the order of stacking or adding additional pigtail, you can change the appearance and hairstyles, and the image itself.

Stylish looking braids braided plait or a cord. They are either decorated ready hairstyles or are the foundation laying.

Gently and feminine look Greek braids. In this embodiment, the stacked braided hair in a braid around her head. And if the evening dress chosen in the Greek style, it is possible to turn to the ancient goddess.

The evening options hairstyles are often used openwork braids. This weave is very beautiful, but also time-consuming. In such hairstyles, stylists spend a lot of time, but they look great.

Casual Version With Braided Hairstyles

Casual Version With Braided Hairstyles

A woman wants to look attractive every day. Pigtails are discovering that a lot of opportunities. Everyday hairstyles easy to do, and they will give the image of romanticism and originality. Correctly chosen weave give fine hair splendor and unruly curls call to order.

If you just do not get to create your own masterpiece in the head, you can invite friends to help and make a home beauty salon on.

For starters, you can try the popular version of the mesh netting. Hair is divided into bundles, which later weave braids. Hair left intact, removed in the tail or on the back of the head. In the beginning, you can use to fix the gum, and then when acquired the necessary experience, the need for them will disappear.

For everyday option, you can braid a braid of a plurality of braids. To be original, this hairstyle can be done from the side.


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