How Do The Braid In Five Steps For Prom Hairstyles


How do the braid for prom hairstyles, the hair is a clear instrument of beauty and seduction? For this reason, many are the hairstyles that over time have emerged to try to exploit them in the best way and in any occasion.

One of the hairstyles that always is the most popular brand. An easy way to fix your hair that can be also quite sensual and manages to give the face a serious matter and ordered. How to make one correct? It is not at all complicated.

How Do The Braid In Five Steps For Prom Hairstyles

How Do The Braid Yourself Step By Step


  1. Make Sure You Have On Hand:
  2. Brush
  3. Hair Elastic
  4. Clasps

How Do The Braid Yourself Step By Step

After brushing, we report the head in the “classical” and without comb the more we try, with your hands, gather the hair back (without crushing the head), as if we wanted to make a classic ponytail. Let us make sure that does not create annoying bumps on the sides of the head. We are now going to divide the strands. These must be three, and their size should be equal.

We do so, holding them with the hands, that the three strands do not join more between them.

How Do The Braid for Prom Hairstyles

We begin now the plot proper. The principle on which is based the whole work is based on which each lateral lock (i.e. left and right) must overcome, in turn, the central one. Take, therefore, the lock of the right, and let us pass over that central. At this point, it will be the lock just move that will be in the middle.

We move, and then, on it the lock of the left. We work, then, the right, and then back to the left, over the entire length of the hair. Let us stop at about 5-6 cm from the tips. We block it all with a rubber band so that the wire does not melt. At the nape, give greater resilience to the hair with the clips that if we want to, we can also apply to the temples. We have created a beautiful braid.

How Do The Braid In Five Steps

The realization of a perfect braid does not require a special preparation of the hair, as may be the case for other hairstyles. First, we say that you can create it either with freshly washed hair with hair that “to wash”. In the first case the dissolution of the braid, they will get the sensual wavy hair, difficult to achieve in any other way. We begin with the combed hair thoroughly. This must be done first normally, brushing her hair back, and then lowered her head forward. This phase will serve to give a little ‘more volume hairstyle. In addition, it is necessary, indeed essential, that any knots present are eliminated.


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