How To Straighten Your Beard + Curly Beard Hair With Beard Products


If you’re wondering how to straighten your beard, you’re not alone. For some men, a long curly beard is something to be proud of; for others, straightening their beard hair is a must. The fact is that there are many ways to make your beard straight, but it all starts with good grooming and beard products.

So, if you are looking for the best of the beard straightener or would like to learn the beard care with a quality of shampoo, conditioner, oil, and comb, we will teach you how to straighten your curly hair beard and leave it to the pleasant and sweet.

How to Straighten Your Beard

There are different ways to straighten a curly beard. Some guys prefer the natural method, which requires the use of a shaving comb, oil and wax for control, and a blow dryer for a little heat. The other guys rely on more warmth by applying a small hair straightener to the facial hair and then conditioning their beard with a balm to keep them from watching.

Straighten a Naturally Curly Beard

The first of these two beard straightening methods involves little heat but more effort. By not using much heat, guys can protect their hair on the face and avoid damaging their beards. However, the disadvantage is that you could still have curls and it will take some time to train your hair to stay straight.

Although a lot of time, the natural method for straightening your beard is extremely simple:

  1. Wash your beard with a top-rated shampoo and conditioner to soften the large strands of facial hair. If you prefer a bar of soap, use a specially formulated type of beard soap that is free of chemicals.
  2. Partially dry your beard with a towel, but do not rub vigorously or pull on the hair. Be sure to pat dry to avoid getting tangled, especially in long beards.
  3. Brush or comb your hair, race the hair down and inward, to tips to imitate the curvature of your face. This is where your favorite beard comb can come in handy.
  4. Slowly, we start working on a bit of moisture and control oil beard.
  5. Now dry your hair on a little heat, while combing.
  6. As a finishing touch, apply a little wax or lemon balm to keep your hair soft and conditioned throughout the day.
  7. Using the beard balm with wax or in the end can really prevent your hair from curling as they dry.

Rectifier Beard

The other method uses a beard straightened small or straightened hair, the same way that we would have the hair on the head. This tool will eventually get better results and more hair and is meant for the most unruly, hard to tame the beard. However, we do not recommend using it often as high heat can lead to damage to dry, brittle beards.

Also, remember that your beard must be long and thick for it to work, – the application of this type of heat, a little hair on the face is sure to cause bad engraving.

Straighten The Hair Of The Beard

Using a hair straightener, follow these steps:

  1. Wash your beard with conditioner to moisturize and soften.
  2. Pat down your beard, leaving it partially wet.
  3. Dry and style your hair straight until completely dry.
  4. Set your beard or small hair straightener for the lowest heat setting.
  5. Open the straightener and get it as close to your chin and skin as possible before closing the forceps.
  6. Close the straightener on your beard hair. Execute closing the claws on the roots of your hair at the ends (away from you). Make sure you never stop and keep the heat in a particular area for as long as you risk damaging it or killing hair.
  7. Then apply beard balm or wax to rejuvenate your face, hair.

The key to this method is not to spend too much time on a particular section of your beard. That’s exactly the reason why many seasoned beards experts use the natural method: to avoid the long-term damage associated with scalding the hairs on your face.

Air Conditioning Your Beard To Keep It Right

We can not emphasize enough conditioning of your beard with oil, wax balm or after heat treatment is extremely crucial. The application of these essential beard care products becomes even more important if you plan to straighten your beard on a regular basis.

While containing all the ingredients and benefits of the oil beard, the beard of the balms also has butter and beeswax. Beeswax is an essential element that provides an average brightness to hold that will keep your beard looking all day long.

Last word

If you are trying to keep your face, your hair completely to the right or just to set a curly beard too much, it is good to know that the straightening beard is not at all difficult. While the intense combing of the natural method can be tedious, at least you can be sure that your beard will come out as healthy as ever. As with the method of heat cooking, all you need is a little extra care with your beard straightener and you can unwind the thickest part of hair in a short time.


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