How To Style A Twisted And Rolled Updo


Twisted and rolled Updo hairstyles does not necessarily have the skills and special tools. At the time of the elegant twisted and rolled Updo hairstyles that can be worn at night, without giving the impression of trying too hard, you can do it. Take a look and get ready to stand out! Ballerina buns and chignons dirty Updos from chic and glamor, they re-appearance and to order season after season. All these beautiful Updos are head over heels, still one of the most intense: Twisted and rolled Updo version.

Twisted And Rolled Updo

Twisted And Rolled Updo


How romantic had this twisted and rolled Updo hairstyles? If you want a stylish, elegant, yet simple and easy to do if you have hair, twisted hairstyles for you. bad hair day? Very easy to use, this’ is not a perfect release on hair styles for quick solutions. Channel your inner kid boho that is well suited for any occasion with a smooth appearance. chic, fun and young, so beautiful, and very easy to achieve. It is necessary to rethink so many different versions of the same twisted hair, disheveled and without are more subtle elegant ones. Wearing her hair twisted with a raw finish! It can give you a seasonal record, and look at some of the hottest trends in twisted and rolled Updo hairstyles.

How To Style A Twisted Updo

How To Style A Twisted Updo

The change has a lot of twisted hairstyles. Just in the middle of one side or if you choose to do it, this hairstyle will definitely give you a look at released in an instant. Style yourself and ready to take center stage. twisted hair and tailoring to fit the occasion were the keys to pulling off this trend. Slightly narrower version of those losers that look warm and funny.

Start by applying some hair wax, created after the greeting (deep side, side or center). Depending on the result you want to achieve, you can use a comb end of the rat tail and do a clean parting. Once this stage is completed, roll section turns on one side and the pin on the back of her head. After the end of one side, the side to repeat the same action.

Twisted Updo Hairstyles

If both parties are free to pull the hair into a low ponytail. Then turn and tuck the ends of hair. As a final step, a safe place updo some hairpins and quick spritz hairspray. You do not need to make a pony, simply twist the end of the cross with each other, and tuck them in. In this style, you can also add your own cute hair accessory, such as a comb hair.


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