How To Take Care For Highlighted Hair?


Dyeing procedure is a block of highlighted hair chemical clarifiers. This procedure can be carried out in barbershops and at home. the dyeing process is quite complicated, but the result is worth it – bleached hair strands give the image of light and brightness.

Care For Highlighted Hair

Care For Highlighted Hair

However, the time from the beginning of coloring hair changes not only the color but also the structure. Dyed hair needs different care.

Recommendations For Clarification Of Hair Care Products

Quite often, after the dyeing procedure, the hair loses its former strength and shine. And it is necessary to fix it. This will help a great shampoo that has the ability to restore and moisturize the hair. Also great help and medical masks. Buying in the shop these funds, it is necessary to read the summary, which should be written that the tool has an appointment for care of colored hair and bleached.

Hair after dyeing become brittle and dry, which is why after you wash your hair, you need to apply balm-conditioner. And at least once a week to do the restoring mask. After highlighting a need to carefully protect your hair from harmful UV rays and chlorinated water.

This care is not limited to highlighted hair. After washing it is not necessary to comb the hair once, it is better to give them to dry. In turn, it is possible to use gels, fluids, which give the hair shine and smooth their surface. This haircut and styling to make it even easier.

The tips of dyed hair are the most vulnerable, so you can use cosmetic recipes, which is composed of silicone. After their use around the hair, there is a protective film that prevents ingress into the hair of various chemicals.

Cosmetologists talk about what special masks to care for colored and Highlighted Hair must use. They help in a short time to bring the level of a fatty layer of hair to normal. In addition, nourish damaged hair with all necessary materials.

Recipes Masks To Care For Highlighted Hair

Taking care of Streaked hair done perfectly at home with the help of reducing masks, but their composition must be fruit acids. For example, you can mix honey with any citrus and kiwi. This mixture should be spread over the entire length of your hair and leave for about fifteen minutes. The hair is then rinsed with water, using a shampoo.

Accelerate Streaked hair growth will help the next mask. Such herbs like sage, nettle, plantain, celandine flowers, marjoram crushed, brewed with boiling water and stand for one hour. After the infusion should be filtered and put into it a spoonful of honey and vitamins A, E. The resulting mixture can be rubbed into the scalp, then put a cap of polyethylene and leave for 2 hours. Thereafter need hair with warm water without using a shampoo and dried naturally.


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