January Jones Banana Hairstyle With 5 Hair Ideas


January Jones banana hairstyle, Beautiful blonde retro hit series “Mad Men” is always noted for her unusual hairstyle choices. SAG Awards January Jones was wearing a banana XXL volume and an interesting detail in the neck … Our hair tutorial shows you how to recreate this look step by step.

January Jones Banana Hairstyle Hollywood Beauty Grace

Fans of “Mad Men” series are familiar under the name of Betty Draper, a divorcee who is trying to run her second marriage while not really managing to forget her ex-husband. Severe and frustrated mother, she constantly fights with her daughter but managed to find the right words at the most crucial moments becoming its sole confidante. In the fifth season, the former supermodel has gained weight and struggle to find the silhouette of her youth.

January Jones Banana Hairstyle With 5 Hair Ideas

But behind the woman who plays Betty Draper and says do not always understand the motivations of her character in the series? January, named after her birth month, is now the mother of a little Xander. Aged 35, she started as a model, a job that allowed him to discover her vocation as an actress playing in commercials. After small roles in successful films such as “Bandits” (with Bruce Willis), “Self Control” (with Jack Nicholson) and “American Pie: Marion’s them!”Her role of Betty Draper in the TV series” Mad Men “allows access to global stardom. Its performance has been distinguished by two Golden Globe nominations and Emmy Awards in the category “Best Actress”.

In the skin of Betty Draper, January Jones banana hairstyle reminds us of Hollywood beauty, Grace Kelly with her blonde wavy hair always perfectly coiffed. In the city, the beautiful blue-eyed blonde loves to experiment with different hairstyles could already see her wearing a wavy square, half tail with lock open on the front, well-drawn loops, or a sleek chignon and strict. January also like to change hair color to the occasion. Discrete pink hair appeared in her blonde hair and she has also dyed red for a while.

For her appearance at SAG Awards, January Jones banana hairstyle wore an original hairstyle. She had boosted its square with a large banana development by hair plastered on the sides. Follow our tutorial hairstyle to take ownership of this look!

To Create Banana Hairstyle, January Jones, you will need

Of volumizing mousse, a round brush, a comb to tease, the styling mousse, gel, bars, and lacquer.

Hair Tutorial To Create a Banana To January Jones

1. Divide the volumizing mousse into the strands above the forehead and dry backward on a round brush from root to tip.

2. Wick, backcomb hair located above the front by sliding the comb against the grain. Then gently smooth the strands back.

3. In the neck, made reliquary wicks outward drying with a round brush. If necessary, moisten the hair prior to or apply the styling mousse on the tips.

4. Rub a small amount of gel between your palms, and then pass on the hair side. Then, plate sides with a comb. Leave tips on hair located in the neck and secure in the center with many bars.

5. Spray the lacquer on the entire hairstyle.


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