Long Hair, How To Curl Up? 3 Ways To Create Luxurious Spiral Curls For Long Hair


If you are the owner of long or very long hair, you know how difficult it is to make a good and lasting perm. That’s why you should pay attention to the spiral curl, which allows you to curl the lock from the beginning to the end equally intensively. Possessing a vast experience of hair curling, I would like to share with you some of the pearls of wisdom of the process.


Why Locks?

First, in my opinion, it is really possible to curl the hair in curlers with quality only by leaving hair curlers for the night. There are other spiral curlers, but they all have different features that can interfere with comfortable sleep.

Looks also consist only of foam rubber and textiles, there is not even plastic, not that wire or other solid materials.

Secondly, Looks are ecological, not traumatic, can be used even by young children. But our little princesses already dream of wonderful curls like the fairy from a small age!

1 Way: Curl The Tail

So, let’s try 1 way. My head, we wait until the hair is dry (but not dry!), We comb it well, we remove the hair in the ponytail at the very top. We divide this tail into very large strands. Thick hair can be divided into 6-8 parts, and then on 3-4. Each strand is wound on the Loks. If there is a choice, it is better to take Maxi Locks, the curls will be larger.

As a result, looking in the mirror, you’ll see a kind of pineapple – smoothly combed hair and a funny lush composition on the very top.

What will you receive in the morning?

Having removed hair curlers in the morning, spreading the tail, you will get soft spiral curls that will go down in a cascade, creating a light and magnificent hair’s mop.

Luxurious Spiral Curls For Long Hair

2 way: on Slightly Damp Hair

2 way has a more expressive effect. My head, lightly dry, comb and wait, when the hair will not be wet, but will not be dry. Such an intermediate state, cool humidity of hair and is the starting point of a really high-quality wave!

So we waited for the moment when the hair is already easy to comb, do not stick together, but still not dry to the touch. And immediately we start the wave. So, we waited for the effect of barely-damp hair, divided into parting, combed strands, wound on the Locks. Do not forget to put the elastic band on the very tip of the strand, so that it does not stay untouched. And in a joyful anticipation, we go to bed;)

Curly Locks

What will we receive in the morning?

In the morning without haste we remove hair curlers, separating disobedient curls, gently stroking each received curl. You will see in the mirror a luxurious mane of tightly twisted spiral bundles. This is the first time that strikes the imagination, but the hairstyle is not ready yet.

Once again, you can fix the effect in different ways.

The effect of the wave will be stunning: evenly curled tight hair that attracts attention and attracts its beauty.

Beautiful Curls

3 way: puppet curls

My head and look forward to the above-described condition of dry, but not wet hair. We put mousse or foam for curls. If not, then any other foam for styling. Usually, the average length is a cloud of foam the size of a walnut. Do not overdo with stowage, otherwise, instead of flying curls, you will get sticky strands.

In this method, the most important thing is the number of Loks. Strands should not be thicker than a pencil, but it is even thinner. For long hair can go 30-40 Loksov. We do everything as in the 2nd method, carefully follow the parting. After winding such a myriad of curlers, you can safely remove the pillow, the head is already on the pillow :)) it will be really soft to sleep!

What do we have in the morning?

In the morning, the work is rather laborious, but also quite pleasant. You remove the curlers, take the curl obtained, lightly moisten your fingers in the mousse and conduct them along the entire length of the curl.

So do with each new lock. As a result, you get a completely stunning and incredibly luxurious hairstyle, consisting of many finest spiral curls. Such a wave can easily last all day, or even two. Especially if, in addition to mousse, use and varnish to fix the result.


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