Natural Gray Hair Remedies For Permanently Hide Gray Hair


Natural gray hair remedies appearance is clearly a moment of deep despair! Anyway, it is inevitable and first, make peace with this truth, the sooner we can deal with this new change of our body.

Before you rush to buy a color. it helps to know that we can easily hide the gray hair without the use of chemical and industrial products. Then we discover together 5 natural remedies to hide gray hair.

Natural Gray Hair Remedies At Home

Natural Gray Hair Remedies At Home


Henna natural powder for origin dye hair

Henna is a natural powder. Its origin dye is good to cover the white hair with a very organic! Used since ancient times, henna gives beautiful reflections to our hair. Using the powder henna on pure white hair, we can get the beautiful shades ranging from copper to gold. Mixing henna powder with other natural dyes, we can get more coverage.

The Walnut

The Walnut just like henna a natural powder

The walnut, just like henna, a natural powder is great for coloring hair. Mixed with hot water, it forms a compound very creamy that we can apply the annoying white hair. With this natural color, we can get some great golden-brown shades.

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil emergence of premature white hair

Are we seeing the emergence of prematurely white hair?

No fear! To slow the gray advanced and revitalize our color, we apply on the skin and hair of all a mixture of coconut oil and a few drops of lemon juice. This application is fabulous to give new softness and youth to our hair. In addition, when used consistently, this blend is great for masking the first white hair.

Black Tea

Black Tea for hide gray hair naturally

The black tea is a good ally to hide gray hair naturally. Rich in antioxidants and pigments is a blessing for our hair. Once cold, we can use it as a compress on our hair; leave on for about an hour. After the exposure time, we can proceed with the rinsing and shampooing.

The Indigo

Indigo natural powder for purple shaded hair

The indigo is a natural powder, able to cover in a very satisfactory white hair. Especially when used in combination with henna, to good results. The indigo is suitable for dark hair and can help to hide the first gray hair, giving rich shades of purple shaded black or mahogany. Covering much white hair, mix the henna, indigo, and do the coloring.


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