How To Get Natural Wavy Hair Step By Step


Natural wavy hair In fact guide we will explain some useful technique and absolutely natural to get some nice wavy hair, fluffy and soft.Natural wavy hair

Natural wavy hair there is always a desire to change their hair, fashion is a constantly evolving, and so to keep up with the times you have to improvise the good hairdresser in their own home. Often quickly, or to avoid damaging your hair, you want to avoid the use of phones and plate to get wavy hair. In fact guide, we will explain some useful technique and absolutely natural to get some nice wavy hair, fluffy and soft. Let’s see how.

Natural Wavy Hair For Gorgeous Look

Natural Wavy Hair For Gorgeous Look


Make Sure You Have On Hand:

Shampoo and conditioner specifically for curly hair or voluminous hair curlers, tweezers, bell-shaped diffuser, curling.

Let’s first start with the basics: get yourself one shampoo and conditioner for straight hair or curly, which will help the crease, and along with this expense you add curlers classics with tweezers or a new development, is given by curlers rubber . It is curlers long and gummy with the different diameter that varies according to how much you love your big or small curl. If you want to get the curly hair used for a while the little curly hair from the wide, almost tending to blur, buy larger ones.

Get Natural Wavy Hair Step By Step

Once home, well washed your hair by applying shampoo twice, rinse well, and if you use it, even past the ball, trying to untangle the hair with a fine comb. Rinse well and pat dry with a towel. Apply now foam specific distributing well, then combed the strands. To get wavy hair, take a tail comb and divide the strands one by one and each applied curler that will stop with the tweezers. This is hard work, but you will get a good result. Once you have finished applying curlers on each individual strand, dry very well with the hair dryer.

Natural wavy hair fluffy and soft hair

In the market there are special heat diffusers in plastic, are applied onto the nozzle of the hairdryer and the other end is put on the head, so as to cover it all. The heat is diffused and distributed better. Finished drying your hair, remove the curlers and upside down shake your hair with your hands helping with the diffuser classic (the bell) and adjust the line of hair to your liking, helping with the tail comb. Another way to make your hair wavy is to apply the special curlers colored rubber found in specialty stores. Follow the same procedure described above for washing and then twist the strands of these aids rubber, drying and proceed on removing the curlers will move a combing and cheeky at the same time. For the incurable romantic, I suggest the plate curling to get the fantastic curls.

How To Get Natural Wavy Hair


Never Forget:

Take some time, it is a work to be done quietly.


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