Butter For Your Dull Hair, Dry And Damaged Hair We Have The Solution For You


Shea Butter

To all the girls who constantly have dull hair, dry and damaged hair we have the solution for you! Inexpensive and 100% natural, it is the raw shea butter. Leave the closet all your care purchased in supermarkets and make way for a more natural product. You should know that shea butter is widely used in the composition of cosmetics for its nourishing qualities. Shea butter has soothing properties, anti-drying and protective, if you buy unwrought you keep even more in all its properties.

Although it has a very strong odor. But you will make a right: it’s for a good cause! If you choose to use it raw, the appearance will necessarily be different than all the creams or lotions that you find in your traditional shops.To use it is very simple, just melt a knob of butter in a double boiler and apply a once warm mask on your hair (for one hour or at best overnight). From the first application, you’ll get spectacular results. It will keep for a long time by placing it in a dry place and away from light.

For Fully Healthy Hair

For Fully Healthy Hair

The shea butter application is a very good solution to have beautiful hair every day! It allows revitalizing curly or frizzy hair, dry, dull or damaged, applying shea butter one day before washing your hair. It is not necessary to put the enormous risk of having difficulty rinse afterward.

This application must be made in lengths or spikes. Let stand your hair wrapped in a towel. Shea will overnight to allow the keratin in your hair to absorb it. The next morning do you make a gentle shampoo remove the remaining butter. If you feel your hair is very dry, do not hesitate to repeat the operation. However, be sure not to use too large quantities at the risk of weighing down your hair.

A Homemade Mask Recipe

This is an ointment recipe based on shea butter. This treatment is both moisturizing and nourishing. To concoct this hair mask with shea butter, you need the following ingredients:

– 45 g of shea butter,
– 10 ml of argan oil
– 10 ml of coconut oil
– 20 drops of lavender essential oil,
– A ramekin/bowl or even better a mortar
– A teaspoon.

In your clean and dry container, crush shea butter to reduce ointment. When the butter begins to have a creamy texture, add the oil slowly into the net while stirring gently. Your mixture becomes not creamy. Once all oils were added to the shea butter and the mixture is homogeneous, add the lavender essential oil to scent (or your choice).


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