5 Method Smoother Hair Care For Summer Season


Smoother hair care is an issue seems easy but actually is not simple at all where you girls okay. Especially when summer to your hair will easily become dry fiber, split ends breakage even if there was a way to take proper care and reasonable.

Smoother Hair Care For Her Dream Hair

So smoother hair care in summer is how new safety and efficiency, helps to nourish hair gets longer and smoother loved floating charm you know or do not? smoother hair care Owning a nice hair will help you become more beautiful and radiant than sparkling, so do not forget to search for her secret friend care okay.

Smoother Hair Care

Be the article reference method smoother hair care following summer to take care of their hair is better!

01. Smoother Hair Care With Peel Grapefruit

smoother hair care with peel grapefruit is the traditional way of shampoo, no doubt about smoother hair care methods with grapefruit peel because it has contributed to the brand’s long hair silky ladies Vietnamese smoothly. Grapefruit peel oil is estimated to contain most of the grapefruit.

Essential oils have the ability to stimulate hair growth, nourish each hair follicle, making hair shiny, strong and natural beauty.

Or, after washing, grapefruit peel oil massage to your hair conditioner to the ball, sure, fine. This is especially effective for women after childbirth. Essential oils of grapefruit peel will stimulate hair to grow faster and thicker.

02. Smoother Hair Care With Locust

Locust fruit contains 10% saponins, are yellow substance, and capable of foaming principal utility is anti-inflammatory, emulsified cleansing. First, you must find and purchase dried locust. Bake until dried locust fragrant, yellow locust back. Skip locust was baked into the plastic bag, beating until lightly crushed and placed in a sealed container or sealed for storage. Currently, some supermarkets have sold locust bag, so for today’s busy lifestyle.

Locust amount more or less dependent thickness and length of hair. About a fist for thick hair, a medium length back. You can also add lemon peel, grapefruit peel. Just wash it with just water locust hair massage for 3-5 minutes. Similarly grapefruit peel, you should apply the conditioner method does not exceed 3 times/week.

03. Smoother Hair Care With Green Tea

Green tea has long been a popular drink of the Vietnamese people, as well as hair care secrets of Vietnamese women. Just pour cool water over tea hair and keep for 10 minutes, and then rinse with oil is that you will have magical hair silky velvet, have a better protective layer with natural fragrance, attractive. Green tea with little use regular shampoo, you can also create your own natural brown hair color without the use of chemicals.

04. Smoother Hair Care With Lemons

The acid in the lemon will bring positive results for our hair. Lemons can increase the shine of the hair, especially for hair color to be bright, not dark black. Lemon which is considered the “wonder drug” dandruff of women in ancient times. Not only effective shampoo, boards can use fresh lemon juice as a natural conditioner, effective: take ½ cooperation and diluted lemon juice with the ¼ liter of water. Use this homemade conditioner after shampooing with shampoo. Natural acid in the lemon will make hair shinier thanks to the ability to tighten the hair follicles on the body, increases the hair shiny.

05. Smoother Hair Care With Rice Water

Few people know that; just add a few drops of lemon squeezed on both rice water filters can be used as 1 regular conditioner. This approach is capable of keeping the nutritional content of vitamins A and C help hair silky, vitamin B helps the black pigment cells become darker. Applying this 2 times/week, your hair will be black and shiny and healthy. This method not only nourishes heart of Vietnamese women, but also countries such as South Korea, Thailand … also particularly popular.


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