7 Best Tips How To Make A Soft Bun Hairstyle


Soft bun hairstyle a combine practice and young at the right point is the bun. Always popular, useful for the unfamiliar that requires easy and fast to build, adaptable to every occasion, is extremely affordable for all! The bun is often also an idea suggested by hairstylists to demystify an important set by heavy necklines or to emphasize the hills “alter”. Of course, it helps many women who need a way to tie the hair in a high speed, for those who want to exploit the fold until the fateful final day, valuing (in other respects) the “harvest.” Welcome, then soft bun and maybe split that now I will explain how to look more stylish a fold than perfect.

How To Make A Soft Bun Hairstyle

Soft Bun Hairstyle For Look More Stylish


Make Sure You Have On Hand:

  1. Hairpins Invisible
  2. Elastic Consistent
  3. Donut
  4. Elastic Soft

Keep on hand a few small accessories that can be useful to close the bun hairpins, elastic soft, combs or hair grips invisible. Given that the yield may be different working straight hair or curly, will teach you how to adjust the shot in the race to shape the soft bun hair.

Start with your fingers to comb through the hair in order to collect them coarsely in a queue without comb. With a first elastic, texture quite sustained, stop the tail at will at a low height above the head, upper and decentralized if you want low-impact sports or on the nape for a “charming”.

Soft Bun Hairstyle

Take the length of the hair, twisted the tail with two three turns on itself and holding the end of the tail try to pull in reverse some, until it is disheveled. Still holding her fingers the end of the queue, that queue accompanied on a tour around the elastic soft. Stops the tip with a hairpin invisible on the underside of the bun. This way you will return to have both hands available for use elsewhere hairpin to point around the bun until it feels firm on the head.

The one pictured is a style that is well suited to curly hair, but for those with straight hair? No problem, here’s the right advice! Get yourself a donut of the same tone of your hair (must blend). Combed hair and collect them with a rubber band quite substantial. Thread the tail at the center of the donut and open the tail fountain softly making sure to cover the donut itself. With a rubber band big enough embraced the donut and accompanied the tips that come out to turn around the tail. Clipping with hairpins invisible. Try then to loosen the “onion” widening few locks as if you wanted to pull the elastic just slipped.


Never Forget:

Do not tighten too tight chignons


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