How To Make A Twist Braid Hairstyles For Evening Hairstyles


Twist braid hairstyles are classic that never ceases to reinvent itself: some port on one side, those who prefer to mention it and secure it with a jewel in their hair, and those who prefer the soft. An evergreen never goes out of fashion: romantic, feminine, and extremely versatile, it can be matched with a stylish outfit but also take it casually with a casual look.

Those who believe that there is only one type braid it, they are wrong, variants in which you can present the braid, in fact, are many: side braid, a crown, braided chignon, braid herringbone.

Twist Braid Hairstyles Casually With A Casual Look

Twist Braid Hairstyles For Evening Hairstyles

In addition, there is also the twisted: very simple to implement, is the ultimate in trendy, perfect to who has the long hair (but can fit even on medium lengths). In this guide, we will show you all the steps to take to make a braid twisted.


  1. Make Sure You Have On Hand:
  2. Elastic Transparent
  3. Brush

Well-combed hair, taking care to disentangle and remove all nodes. Now a separate strand of hair on the crown of the head and divide it into three equal strands, keeping them separate with your fingers. Begin to weave three strands just as you would for a normal braid: with the right hand brought the right strand over the middle one, take with the left hand before the lock that was central and keep it steady. Now take the right strand and let it pass between the two.

side Twist Braid Hairstyles

Now take the lock to the left, let it pass between the two strands, keeping it separate from the other with a finger; Then, using her left hand, add a small lock of hair that others will take the hair loose on the left side and add it to lock you just place centrally. Once you’ve combined the old and the new lock, do the same thing on the right: take the lock to the right, place it at the center keeping it separate from the other with a finger of the left hand; then add another strand to strand of loose hair taken from the right side of the head.

How To Make A Twist Braid Hairstyles

Now Repeat Twist Braid Hairstyles

Continue in the same way throughout the hair, continuing to unite new strands to the old ones and, when these are over, and then you will arrive in the neck, completed the braid as you would with the classic one. Finally blocked combine with a rubber band and sprayed with a light-hold hairspray to be lighter hair. If you like, the soft effect and deliberately disheveled, you can also choose not to spray hairspray at the end, but in this case, it would be better not to operate on freshly washed hair to avoid that these would not last hairstyle.


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