Wave Hairstyles Of The Month Like Amy Adams


Wave hairstyles like Amy Adams everyone had eyes only for the toothed ripples actress. A classic prior, modern look radiant thanks to its asymmetrical chignon and bit wavy left free on the front. Our manual hairstyle explains in detail how you curl your hair while keeping a look disheveled.

The casual hairstyle at the Golden Globes , Amy Adams was feeling low chignon combining asymmetric and long wavy bit in her wavy hair. © Getty Images
The casual hairstyle at the Golden Globes, Amy Adams was feeling low chignon combining asymmetric and the long wavy bit in her wavy hair.
© Getty Images

Amy Adams is one of the most requested movie redheads. According to Forbes magazine, it appears even among Hollywood actress highest paid. Several times nominated for Golden Globes and the Oscars (lately as Best Supporting Actress in The Master), she has played opposite such famous stars Christina Ricci, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Joaquin Phoenix. The icing on the cake, this redhead also has style!

Amy Adams Wave Hairstyles For Her Fans

Apart from the red carpet, the young woman 38 years her door willingly wavy hair down or tied in a high ponytail. For the Golden Globes, she wanted something more original: a romantic and modern hairstyle with toothed waves, a tousled asymmetrical chignon and a clear bit on the side. With our instructions, learn how to curl your hair and create an elegant and offbeat hairstyle.

Amy Adams with soft curls swept to the side

Waving Your Hair Like Amy Adams, You Will Need

The mousse, comb, hairpins, clips or normal screen, high gloss lacquer, elastic, the hairspray.

How To Curl Your Hair And Create Hair Undulating Toothed Amy Adams?

1. Apply styling mousse to towel-dried hair, comb and smooth to make a side parting going on through to the top of the head.

2. Spray the high gloss lacquer from root to tip to get natural highlights.

3. Start waving hair from the eyebrows:

Paint a bit about 5 cm wide in the direction of the face.

Place a large clip where should form the first ripple.

Reassemble the hair clip to show a form of typical ripple. Waving your hair like Amy Adams, opt for relatively large loops.

Make the notch formed with a pair of pliers or normal screen.

Continue to form notches along the entire length of the hair, and then do so around the head.

4. We now proceed to the rest of the salon. With the elastic end, tie your hair in a low ponytail and not too tight on the side opposite the line.

Wrap the ponytail to make a loose bun and secure with pins, preferably gold if you’re red, brown or black if you’re brown.

For if modern touch disheveled, slightly defeats the bun.

5. Attach the hair to the ear of the line with two parallel bars.

6. On the other side, remove a lock near the front and let it fall on the side of the face.

7. Finish, spray again in high gloss lacquer.


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