10 Best Ways To Make Your Wavy Hair With The Plate


Wavy hair with the plate a trend has always been very popular. Even those who generally have only the straight hair can create the special wavy hairstyles with certain equipment or accessories. To obtain a blur or curly, thanks to the use of the plate who have now made permanently shelve curlers you can get a perfect move or curly hair in a few simple steps. In this tutorial, we will list and will explain the 10 best ways to make wavy hair with the plate.

Wavy Hair With The Plate Ideal For A Casual Look And Elegant

Make Sure You Have On Hand:

Lacquer Plate.

The first method to do the wavy hair with the plate, is to let only smooth curling the ends. In this case, to create blur only on the tips, just put on the plate of the locks at least 4 cm wide. After curling, simply pass the lacquer spray to maintain the shape.

The second way to make straight hair using the plate is to start from the root. In this case, you will have to start from the center of the head, insert each time the locks, and as the time required after installation, you will need to slide the plate to the ends. In this way, you will get a hairstyle with curls that cover the entire head.

The third way to get curly hair by using the plate is indicated for those who wish to waves particularly pronounced and especially thick. In this case, for each strand more than the length, it is important to use its width (at least 6 centimeters).

The fourth method is recommended for very short hair. If therefore the hair is quite short, it will not have to give up at least to a minimum of ripple. The tips that are typically converging at the neck can be finished with thin curls, that will form a sinusoid that starts towards the inside and at the height of the tips is present diverging, that is rounded towards the outside.

The fifth method to curl your hair with the plate, always about the short hair. If you want to enrich your bob with curls very obvious, with the plate have to start forming the curls from the height of the neck to the tips, starting with strands thinner up to round them off in the end of the headband.

The sixth method to curl hair with the plate is always referred to the short hair but rebels. If you have short hair, are scaled and formless and you will be rich with curls of sinusoidal shape, you should use thick strands so that they become very steamy and so create a uniform foliage and compact, shaping it with the help not only of the plate but also of a treatment of lacquer fixative.

The seventh way to create a blur is to let smooth the fringe and the whole hair, limiting the use of the plate only at the tips, thus obtaining a triptych ideal for a casual look elegant and vintage.

The eighth method reflects the style curl a little ‘retro. For hair with a look 50 years, is in fact ideal use the plate to be moved only the part that goes from the neck up to the neck, creating curls to climb, starting in a light, and rolling up more and more, toward the final.

The ninth method curl your hair with the plate, refers to a look very practical and fast: that of curly hair mixed in just moved. In this case, the use of the plate proves convenient and fast, and the hair will take on a mixed form curl / move, ideal for a whimsical look and above all summer.

The tenth method, from the ability to create the wavy or curly hair so total. In this case, it is important to put on the plate thick strands to create a fluffy effect, which gives an elegant look, especially if accompanied earrings in wide circles.

Never Forget:

Use Ceramic Plates.


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