5 Ways To Make Wavy Hair Without Hairdryer


they guide wavy hair without the hairdryer, I will explain 5 ways to make wavy hair without hairdryer! In fact, there are many techniques to curl or wave hair, but ‘if you do not have the economic means to go to a professional hair stylist, or do not want to absolutely use the hair dryer, because it’s too hot, try your hand in the folds “DIY”. Easy to do at home, even with the company of friends while you drink a tea or coffee. Just have some object, a lot of creativity and be adept with the manual.Wavy Hair Without Hairdryer

Wavy Hair Without Hairdryer Does At Home


The Classic Curlers

The Classic Curlers

Surely, the fold with curlers is the fold more common. It is most suitable for those who wear the hair short because the lock is unable to roll better. Let the hair moist and you should certainly put the balm after washing because the styling could last just nothing.

Therefore, take a tail comb and select a lock, three or four centimeters wide, starting from where you are most comfortable and go to wrapping curler. Matches from tip to root and lock it with the special sticks, or with their beaks d ‘goose. Complete all the hair and wait for it to be dried to dissolve and have a hair good move! Fix it with a little hairspray.


Hair Braid

A ‘ hasty idea can braid, what advice to girls from medium or long hair. They can be made one or more braids, just put a little ‘of foam anti-frizz and braiding the hair while it is wet. Take three strands equal to each other and starting from the right, it has to go in the middle of the other two; then take the lock of the left and do the same thing until you get to the tip. Waits for an hour or so and the melt by placing the waves, running her fingers through her hair and moving them upside down. This method would also recommend it to dry hair, making the braid before you go to sleep because the next day you will have a wavy effect, beautiful.

Locks And Beaks Goose

Locks And Beaks Goose

Dry your hair roughly after putting a small amount of product on the lengths, then divide into two sections, making a row in the middle of the head to the neck. Take a section that is not too small, from the first section and ‘wraps on itself, helping you with your fingers, starting from the root to the tips coming.

Stop it with the beak goose or with a hairpin. This action is repeated until you finish the whole head and wait for a couple of hours prior to dissolve and have hair with a rough defined and natural!

Wavy With Sock

Hair Wavy With Sock

Take the braid, fold it in two, and take a pair of scissors to make a vertical cut in the center of the sock. Made the cut, there will be a whole type like a hair band, which put all the hair in ways ponytail. This pitch elastic/sock type has two handles that will turn together, to roll up the tail, forming a mega curler. The result will be a beautiful natural blur.

Waves With Rubber Bands

hair Waves With Rubber Bands

If you have so many elastic, you can use it to have a very bland moved, overall or a part of the hair. Take a lovely high tail, spray a little hairspray light of all the hair, and put a rubber band around every five centimeters away, one after another, until you get to the end of the tail. After an hour or so, untie and arrange with your fingers and another layer of lacquer soft.


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