Top 7 Wedding Hairstyle Trend 2018 2019 For Bride Girls


Wedding hairstyle trend for wedding day arrives and you have already spent a lot of time choosing your dress. Now you will have to choose the hairstyle that goes with your beautiful dress because you also need to pay attention.

It is possible that you stress a bit, do not worry, you’ll be able to choose one that you like. Wedding hairstyle trend if you have a hairdresser friend she goes will really have to know how to work your hair or just go to your hairdresser.

Wedding Hairstyle Trend For Wedding Day

01. Wedding Hairstyle Trend With Bridle Braids

Bridle Braids

Really original and really on top. Your hair pulled back without being completely flat on top giving less strict, and this braid to be like a net with your hair. The perfect hairstyle for your Wedding hairstyle trend.

02. Wedding Hairstyle Trend With Retro Bridal Hairstyle

Retro Bridal Hairstyle

That’s true but if it is retro feminine. This wick falling lightly on the forehead and is rising with a small accessory for the bride, a style bar, which is hinted more than it is seen and a sublime movement of your hair back.

03. Wedding Hairstyle Trend With Chignon Bridal Hairstyle

Chignon Bridal Hairstyle

Today not a bohemian bun, it is very feminine, very simple and yet so worked. Not exceed a wick. All this work will be a true work of art; your hair will be crossed while being really perfect.

04. Wedding Hairstyle Trend With Hairstyle Long Bridal Hair

Hairstyle Long Bridal Hair

You are fortunate to have long hair; here is a hairstyle for you. On the front of your hair will be shared, a braid to hide the hairline or you will be pulled back and then up your hair on the side, which gives freshness do not forget to make those gorgeous curls that give a charmed.

05. Wedding Hairstyle Trend With Low Bun Bridal Hair

Low Bun Bridal Hair

Class and a certain charm that bun is not strict. It worked without hair too learned. It is elegant and understated. If you have a neck a little short it will be avoided. Because the bun behind falls low enough while being on the sides.

06. Wedding Hairstyle Trend With Bridal Braid Long Hair

Bridal Braid Long Hair

Simpler but equally charming, like the photo above, the braid mask separation. However, to give it volume while keeping the length of your hair, a small ponytail height that clears your face, leaving your hair to fall on your shoulders

07.Wedding Hairstyle Trend Class And Glamour Bridal Hair

Glamour Bridal Hair

Also depending on your dress to wear, as in the photo you want to wear a cape with it will be perfect for the more glamorous side. Your hair will work on one side and fit you will need a good spray.


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